Favorite June products

Yay it is now Summer! & for the first summer since my hs days I am not taking summer classes! 2 important things you must know before continuing 1) These products are not new, just new to me! 2) I had really bad lighting so excuse my flash!

First fave product is my all time fave blush ! Too Faced- sweet peach for some reason I find that when I use this I hardly need a highlight because it pretty much does both & I really love how natural looking it is on me rather than those dramatic blushes!

Ok I have a new huge obsession with bronzer. This baby is the perfect color & just smells like chocolate! Definitely love it. too faced- chocolate soleil

Another bronzer to my recent collection. ( I was totally not kidding about my obsession) I find this bronzer interesting because it's litteraly in balls . I love that you can find your perfect color and it has just the right amount of shimmer.

Last bronzer I promise lol. COLOURPOP- PARADISE COVE I was so excited to try more products from colourpop & I am actually pretty happy with this baby. The color is amazing and looks perfect with my paleness. Believe it or not it can be hard to find a bronzer when pale but this baby fits right in and has a matte finish .

Mascara! Well I got to try this baby in my ipsy glam bag & I fell in love. My lashes look super long and thick . Seriously hands down an amazing mascara!

I never thought this could be true, but I have fallen in love with a $5 foundation . This thing actually dries matte. My face is no longer cakey yet actually covered in a matte layer. Really in love with this foundation & will be restocking soon!

This other foundation is also from Maybelline (super stay), a little more pricy but also worked well. Only thing I didn't like is it didn't have that matte finish but it does have sunscreen which the other doesn't. Now that summer is coming ya need that spf! This one is great because it has spf, a pump, & best of all it improves red spots or blemishes in your skin!

If you're anything like me; your skin is oily but you still need some moisturizing, your ex black heads left huge pores, and you really don't like lotions based primers because they make you cakey and breakout then you need this primer in your life. Seriously my pores have diminished so much and my face felt soft instantly. I am in love with this !

Spending time on your makeup is pointless if you don't set it especially us oily girls who end up looking cakey. Best setting powder out there rn. Have seen it in so many makeup tutorials & Sephora highly recommends it and so far I love it. It is translucent so do not worry about it making you look like casper!

Alright I have been fighting with atubborn dandruff lately and Lavender oil has become my bff. It heals all the inflammation from scratching & fights the dandruff away. plus it keeps my hair smelling amazing. This product led me to my next product...

For time I have been watching this on tv but never had dandruff till now. I love this. It smells great. At first I was scared it would heal dandruff but make my hair dry and it has actually made my hair feel healthy . So if you're fighting with dandruff honestly try this! I'm sorry if it was too many products please let me know which product you're excited to try :) @jordanhamilton@hikaymm@AlloBaber@tessStevens

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