Latest Braid Invention: Umbrella Lace

Here's an interesting find this week.

I found a unique knotting technique I want to share with you all. First of all, it's not as difficult as it looks. This hairstyle is crazy awesome and it's an interesting knotting technique.

To break it down:

1. Pull hair into a half ups ponytail.

2. Merge two side braids together under the half-up ponytail.

3. Loop split the half-up ponytail and loop it around the merged braid.

4. Finish off by connecting the loose ends with another braid.

See the demonstration below!

Just like the hairstylist mention, it might look flat right after you finished but once the hair dries up, the braids will have more dimension.

For a messier and more voluminous finish, try teasing the crown more before pulling it into a half up ponytail or gently stretch the braids.

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