Super Junior - ★BAMBINA★

SUJU IS TRYING TO KILL ME AREN'T THEY ? OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS SONG. I LOVE IT !!! I'M FANGIRLING LIKE A CRAZY IDIOT RIGHT NOW SUJU WHAT DID U DO TO ME KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA im gonna be fangirling about this all day XD lol sungmin's line 'Are you okay?' when he said that i was like no minnie, im not okay. my feels just exploded __________________________________ lyrics English trans Nice to meet you, little kittens This is pleasure time Did you properly come with simulation Are you ready ? Lets reward the good kid At your limit soon isn’t it ? Did you wait and didn’t get distracted ? Why don’t time yeah (Here) More and more (We) It’s so crazy (Go) It’s getting hot You can’t back off from now on Non-stop request forever Concentrate on me (chorus) Check it out Super Show Open it on your heart We kept everybody waiting long enough Endless show, how are you ? We won’t make you feel bored, laser be my time Perfect Bambina Simple isn’t it Bambina Oh oh everybody Welcome Super Show Search it on your mind To your heart, surprise ecstasy How about your mood, little kittens ? We are originating from you We came to achieve the important mission Are you okay ? Especially after _____(?) We can teach you _____(?) Just forget about everything by the way Why don’t now yeah (Feel) More and more (So) It’s getting closer (Good) Crazy for you You can’t separate from now on Special request forever You’re in ecstasy Repeat chorus In the endless universe Let’s get out on a journey my twinkle star Let’s go with me I want to see your smile Repeat chorus Japanese lyrics ごきげんよう子猫ちゃん お楽しみの時間です ちゃんとシミュレーションしてきたかい Are you ready ? いい子にご褒美あげよう そろそろ限界なんでしょ? 目移りしないで待ってたかい? Why don’t time yeah (Here) もっともっと (We) It’s so crazy (Go) 暑くなれ ここからはもう戻れないよ Non-stop request forever 僕に夢中 (chorus) Check it out Super Show 開け on your heart 待たせた分たっぷり everybody Endless show ご機嫌いかが 退屈させないよレーザー be my time 完璧な Bambina 簡単だろ Bambina Oh oh everybody Welcome Super Show 探せ on your mind 心ゆくまでサプライズエクスタシー 調子はどうだい子猫ちゃん 君たちありきの僕らです 重大なミッション果たしにきたんだ Are you okay ? 特別に___(?) してたら 教えてあげるよ____(?) 何もかも忘れてとりあえず Why don’t now yeah (Feel) もっともっと (So) 近づいて (Good) Crazy for you この先はもう離さないよ Special request forever 君は夢中 Repeat chorus 果てしない宇宙に 旅に出よう my twinkle star ついておいでよ I want to see your smile Repeat chorus Romanization Gokigenyou koneko-chan Otanoshimi no jikan desu Chanto simulation shitekita kai Are you ready ? Ii ko ni wa gohoubi ageyou Sorosoro genkai nandesho ? Meutsuri shinaide matteta kai Why don’t time yeah (Here) Motto motto (We) It’s so crazy (Go) Atsuku nare Kokokara wa mou modorenai yo Non-stop request forever Boku ni muchuu (chorus) Check it out Super Show Hirake on you mind Mataseta bun tappuri everybody Endless show gokigen ikaga Taikutsu sasenaiyo reza be my time Kanpeki na Bambina, Kantan daro Bambina Oh oh everybody Welcome Super Show Sagase on your mind Kokoro yuki made sapuraizu ecstasy Choushi wa doudai koneko-chan Kimitachi ariki no bokura desu Juudai na mission hatashini kitanda Are you okay ? Tokubetsuni ____(?) shitetara Oshiete ageruyo ____(?) Nanimokamo wasurete toriaezu Why don’t now yeah (Feel) Motto motto (So) Chikazuite (Good) Crazy for you Kono saki wa mou hanasanaiyo Special request forever Kimi wa muchuu Repeat chorus Hateshinai uchuu ni Tabi ni deyou my twinkle star Tsuite oide yo I want to see your smile Repeat chorus -The lyrics are 100% based on what we heard from the Bambina mp3 video, so there might be some mistakes from the original -Please take out with full credit. Its not easy to catch the words and translate so please respect other people’s hardwork. Japanese lyrics:@LoveRiver_S &@hyukarmpits Romanization & English trans:@hyukarmpits Shared at by salimahsj TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS.

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