Kpop Song Hook Challenge

So your listening to a kpop song right? From when the song starts, your just waiting for that one part that is your favorite part of the song, and when it finally comes, you JAM! Anyone know what Im talking about? Its the part of the song that really hooked you! Its just that one part you love and cant not jam to everytime! Of course you love the whole song, but theres always that one part that is in fact the hook

So I challenge you! Rules: 1: Pick 6 Kpop songs and then explain what part is your hook line of the song! 2: tag people and challenge them! ^^ thats it!

RUSH by Monsta X: My hook in this song is Shownu's part in the pre chorus. Its something about the rhythm and the way the lyrics flow on that part that idk i just really like it! Its gets me pumped and ready for the chorus too haha ^^

Tonight by BigBang: My hook is Daesungs part also kind of the pre chorus before GDs rap! Something about that part makes me suddenly belt out the lyrics and dance along. Then I really get into GDs part cuz... hes my bias and all haha

Pricked by Winner: My hook is during Minos part at the beginning of the song, when he brings his notes a bit higher. The musicality he has during this part is very very nice. Its flows so well and he fluctuates the notes sooo nicely. The first time I listened to this song, that IMMEDIATELY caught my attention especially cuz hes a rapper and does usually sing! (i also did a little choreography video to this song which is actually one of my favorite videos ive done so far~)

Be The Light by Block B: B-Bombs entire part right after the 1st chorus... lord I LOVE B-Bombs vocals!! When I first got into Block B, a lot of their songs I had these parts that hooked me, later realized they were all B-Bombs parts and ya know..then he became my bias <3 His voice type is legit music to my ears. Its just sooo <3 idk i love it a lot

Baepsae by BTS: My hook is Vs part in the pre chorus. That just gets me soooo pumped and excited for some reason. I wasnt too into this song when i first heard it, but after a couole times I realized I was WAITING for Vs part and then this became one of my fav songs that gets me sooo pumped ^^

SPY by Super Junior: "I GOT YOU LITTLE RUNAWAY!" is my hook. lol of course its the English part but idk its just such a fun line and they sound sooo cool when they sing it in this song <3 This is also the 1st kpop song I ever learned part of the dance too

I challenge you~ if you want to do it tag me in it too!@kpopandkimchi@ARMYstarlight@MichelleIbarra@Morganelisabeth@belencitagarcia@baileykayleen@jiyongleo@chelseajay@madandrea@stevieq@kpossible4250@Vkookie47@amobigbang@sarahdarwish@sugafree@tracylynnn@Bekikunstman@sharayahtodd@chaerica@prettieeEm@xergaB20@ilennrocks@tigerlily84@kpopgaby@keziahwright@creetheotaku@tayunnie@ashleykpop@sarahvandorn@mandynoona@drummergirl691@katierussell@emilypeacock@sugaontop@thepinkprincess@jinsprincess86@nell03@moonchild03@stephanieduong@aubriepope@hajelf@rainac3@kchavens09@saraortiz2002@taetaebaozi@jojojordy2324@agentleo@sosoaloraine23@lexxcisco@emilygardner@lashonda0917@kwellnitz@nancyvongvilay@annahizaragoza@anniechang1545@ninjamidori@nenegrint14@morleecorielus@mrsbangyongguk@edwey66@amberg171997@deefran@kyky97@lolimbetter09@lilmnm@veronicaartino@vipfreak2ne1@christianliu@torchix@jungkookie1@destinabyrd@emealia@jessAS@kellyoconner@itsmari@heidichiesa@cindystran@vixenvivi@aimeeh@kiki29@roxy1903@lizanightshade@saraortiz2002@everiemisfit

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