Secret Of A Noona 4


She inches her way up the stairs, one step at a time. They were dancing, back to back, her little baby god and her little dark god, as she came to call them. She loved watching this part, she felt her face starting to get hot. As she tore her eyes away, she couldn't help but notice some of the assistants moving around behind her. They were dancing along with the nine. They had all been working for this group for so long, they knew each step. When the song ended, she hoped down off to the side of the stairs. Not wanting to be noticed, she hung back as everyone went through the routine of getting the nine prepped for the next set. Only there were six standing here, the other three stayed up top to begin their set. She seen the mouthy one sitting at the piano getting ready to play. The little mean one was standing by with their leader. She stayed in the shadows, watching him, his expression as his own eyes were darting around the small area looking for something, maybe even looking for someone. The music started. He seemed to give up at one point. Then his head tilted up toward the rafters but there was no one up. He hung his head down, turned and walked away from everyone. He was nearly standing next to her. Another step and he'd be where she was. No one seemed to take notice. Was this the moment? Slowly, she reached out to him. Her hand hovering just over his hair, down his back. She could feel the heat of his body in her palm. They were standing so close that she could smell him. His scent filled her nose, the scent of light cologne and sweat. Here was the line. Should she cross it? She was standing on the very edge of her conscious, and morals, and the reality of could happen if she does. Being older and of more experience, she can foresee the consequence, the complications, but the thought of being with someone she likes and who likes her back, even for a moment, was more tempting than anything she was feeling. Her heart was telling to do it... Oh the great struggle between heart and mind. "Why did this song have to be playing", she thought to herself, "what is this, a K-Drama moment?"

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