EXO's Kris Just Signed Contract With Jackie Chan and More!

Today, I discovered something that blew my mind.

ex-EXO member Kris is now under Jackie Chan's Agency

She then continued her story and told me Jackie Chan actually debuted a boy band in Korea. At the moment, I was dumbfounded.

These are the voices in my mind: So, the Kung Fu master started an apprentice in Korea and instead of doing martial arts, they're dancing and singing.

I quickly Youtubed the JJCC to see the group's genre and concept and as you know I love reading comments.

I lost it at this comment and the response is hilarious.

I went back and asked my friend what JJCC really stands for. She doesn't know much about the group but she assumed it's might be made up from their names.

I counted the members and there are seven of them. JJCC has four letters.

Off to Wikipedia.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

The user who responded last to the comment was not joking. It really stand for Jackie Chan (and his) Joint Culture. LOL. I find the inspiration behind the name odd though. For the longest time, Jackie Chan, was a symbolism of Chinese martial art. A decade later, he wants to spread K-Pop.

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