ASTRO Comeback?

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Looking at all this, I think it's safe to say it's going to be the first of next month!

I'm SOOO excited!!

It also looks like the MV teasers come out on the 20th, 3 days from now.... AHHHMy hearteu!

Again, sorry for the long break from vingle I've taken. This weekend is country jam, and there is STILL drama happening (fun >->), BUT I am going home soon so that should be better for me! Hopefully my attitude and motivation will improve. Also, I apologize that this isn't much of a card, but ya know ;-;

I apologize for any mistakes or repeats! I'm trying to keep them at a minimum (;-;)

Also, sorry if my cards are boring or anything, just tell me what to improve!Let me know what you guys think!

My family (Thunder Buddies):Vingle Fam: Let me know if you want to be tagged or not!None of the pictures/videos are mine!(I'm also currently trying to put all the tags in alphabetical order, so I'm sorry if I tagged you twice or if I'm missing any tags >-< )

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