Just 3 More Days💙

After a Four Month waiting .....

We waited.. and waited...

For this Special date to be close!!!

June 20th.....

My beautiful Twin... @LocoForJiyong who i am very happy to be able to find a woman like her in my life, is coming to my town. This will be our first physical meeting.. we will be able to laugh and die together!!! Im very EXCITED to be able to meet this wonderful person.

Then the world must be prepare.....

Cuz we gonna crash KCONNY!!!!! xD

We are Ready!!!!

(The fact that i died making this card.... GD you need to... you need to... to.. to... ughhh why u sooooo SEXXXYYYY)

My name is BB ♡ Also Mrs.Kwon Im Big Bang and GD stan.◆ I love kpop and khh ◇ I hope you all enjoy my cards☆
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