Forbidden Part 39

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The doctor arrives within an hour with the results of the testing. All of you stand expectantly, awaiting the news.

“It appears we do have a match.”

He turns from his parents to you, “You mam are strangely a perfect match. The sooner we perform the surgery the faster we can bring him around. Is that alright with you?”

You’re so happy that you have no chance to feel frightened at the fact that you will be having major surgery in a foreign country in under an hour.

You nod to the doctor, “Yes. That will be fine.”

“Very well; I have papers for you to fill out as the donor, come with me please.”

He bows to [HN]’s parents and waits for you by the door while you turn and give his mom a hug.

“He’ll be okay. I told you he would be.” You smile and bow to his dad and follow the doctor out of the room.

Once all the papers are signed a nurse appears to lead you back to be prepped for surgery.

“Could I see him before surgery? Please? Just for a moment?”

She looks over at the doctor who nods his approval. “Follow me.”

As you enter the room you have to restrain yourself from crying out and throwing yourself on the bed to gather his still form in your arms. He’s so pale, hooked up to so many wires and beeping machines, bandages all over his face. Apparently while they were waiting for the results, the plastic surgeon arrived and did his work. You walk slowly over to his bedside and smooth the hair from his face. With so many bandages, you have to be careful to not jostle him. You can feel the tears slide down your face and try to stop them before they fall onto them. You take his hand and lean over to kiss him.

You whisper softly, “You’re going to be alright my love. I’m going to make sure of it. You can’t leave me, not yet. We have too much to live for you and I. We’re just getting started.”

You hear a throat clear from the corner of the room and realize the nurse is telling you it’s time to get prepped.

You press another tender kiss to his lips, “I love you”.

Several hours later the doctor makes his way back to the waiting room. [HN]’s and Eun’s parents arise for the news.

“Good news, they both came through surgery extremely well. Both are in recovery and resting comfortably. The young lady will be moved to a regular room and your son will be moved to ICU shortly. We will start to reduce the medication inducing his coma within the next hour. Hopefully he will be awake soon thereafter. I’ll have the nurse come alert you when they’ve been moved to their rooms.”

“Doctor,” his dad stops him. “Does the young lady have any family we can contact? Also, I’m sure our son would like us to take care of her hospital bill.”

The doctor nods, “I will have the financial assistant come speak with you.” He looks down at his chart, “She listed a friend as her emergency contact, one Lee. I will have the assistant bring her contact information with the other paperwork.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Both sets of parents bow as the doctor leaves.

Eun’s mother starts as soon as the door closes; “Why would you want to pay the hospital bill for that home wrecker?!”

[HN]’s mother turns to her friend in anger.

“Stop. Stop right there. That home wrecker just risked her life to save our son’s. I also happen to know that your daughter has been married since her 25th birthday and dating Jaewoon for years before that! You will show some respect to this girl!”

Eun’s mother turns pale. “How would you know that? They were leaving our house when they got in their accident.” She turns away and then turns back. “Besides it matters not, we will fight that stupid piece of paper they brought with them. Their marriage isn’t legal.”

[HN]’s mom shakes her head in disbelief. “Just stop. How do I know? Because my son isn’t scared of me like your daughter has always been of you. Where do you think Jaewoon picked her up for most of those dates?”

Haru's eyes grow large with disbelief, “You knew and kept all this from me?”

“I never agreed to the marriage contract from the beginning. Unlike some, I believe in loving the one you marry.”

“They DO love each other! You just have to see them together to know that.”

“Yes, they love each other but as brother and sister. Who wants to have an intimate relationship with a sibling in order to procreate? I wouldn’t and I will not force my son to either. I’m happy he has found someone to love." She closes her eyes a minute, "I’ve also known about this girl since before she came to Korea. Haru, I’m tired and I’d rather not deal with you right now. If you refuse to go support your daughter perhaps you should go home. We appreciate your concern for all of them; if anything changes we will contact you immediately.”

Haru looks as if she’s about to speak again when a voice comes over the hospital speakers.

“Code blue to recovery! Code blue to recovery!”

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