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Facts about JB:

Stage Name: JB

Real Name: IM Jae Bum

Nickname: Jaebongi

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist.

born: January 6th, 1994

Height: 179 cm or 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 66kg or 146lbs

Blood type: A

Fun facts about JB:

-He Debuted as an actor first through KBS2's "Dream High 2" in 2012

-He Became a JYP Trainee in 2009 after winning 1st place a JYP Open audition, which he tied with Jr. in.

-JB Became par of JYP's duo "JJ Project" before Debuting in Got7.

-Later on, he became a supporting actor in MBC's "when a man falls in love."

-He can seem cold at times to other members.

-he was an actor in season 1 of the Romantic and Idol.

-He worked alongside Rainbow's Seungah and Fiestar's jei During that season.

-He said that if he had super powers, he would teleport to the grand canyon. he loves the feeling of being surrounded by Nature.

-In "Girls, Girls, Girls,'' it took 10 takes for JB to sing his part "Swagger" to JYP's Content.

-JB likes to look through Fan's pictures of him. He saves the ones that he believes are good.

-He also likes seeing funny pictures or Fanart of Himself.

-he really likes Soul Music.

-He Participated in a short series called "Dream knight" alongside his fellow Got7 members.

-JB wrote the lyrics to GOT7's song, "Bad things".

-He shares a Room with Youngjae.

-JB Hugs Youngjae very tightly when they sleep.

-He had his first kiss when he was 13.

-To prepare for their "Girls, Girls, Girls" Comeback, JB had to "Fix his image" in order to develop the right level of Confidence for the song.


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