DBS: Anime Con with Jungkook


Hello everyone! This week we are imagining what it would be like to take Kookie with you to an anime convention :D


At first he would be confused as to why you would invite him....


but after he got really excited and couldn't wait to go!


Though Jimin was kind of offended you didn't invite him he let you off with a promise to get him something.

His dream as a kid was to be Haku from Spirited Away so it would be a perfect cosplay for him! You would cosplay as Chihiro to compliment his.

After walking around and going to some fun panels, artist alley, buying merch, meeting voice actors, taking pictures of awesome cosplays and special screenings.


Though with so much happening you'd have to keep an eye on him so that he doesn't get lost in the sea of people.

Key word that you'd yell out just in case it did happen: INFIRES


Back home he would thank you for taking him as he had a lot of fun and give you a big hug!


Hope you guys enjoyed this card! As always let me know if you would like to be tagged and you can follow my collections.

Has anyone ever been to an anime expo before? They are super fun and if you love anime like i do its a blast to cosplay. The pictures I used are from last years expo I went to with friends. See you all next time! ^^

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