Let me take care of you ch7

Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: Lil bit of smut and finally had a Lil bit of a fluff moment. Chapter: 7 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.

Y/N's POV You woke up in the middle of the night sleeping right next to Jong-dae. What happened? You thought back to moments before you fell asleep. *Y/N's flashback* "Y/N... I need you." "I'll take care of you." You weren't thinking, you couldn't anymore. When he had pulled your cardigan off, you felt embarrassed but more than anything you felt dirty. It wasn't because Yixing touched you it was because you knew what you had done to Chen. You could hear it in his voice that you were breaking his heart. How could things have gotten this complicated? Everything he was saying to you was breaking your heart. You had no idea what to do. You had promised he'd never lose you. You tried to fight back those tears but the more he lashed out the harder it was to keep them in. You found yourself grabbing onto him, pleading with him to look at you before he pushed you down on his bed. He got on top of you quickly and things had only escalated further. It wasn't that you didn't love Yixing but you absolutely lost all ability to reason. Nothing to tell you what you were doing was wrong, no reflex to push him away. You were partly numb and the only thing you could feel or focus on was his lips all over you. Your silent tears kept falling even as he said he needed you and you had spoken without thinking, inviting him to take you. That's exactly what he did, he pulled your dress off of you and tossed it to the side. You couldn't even be embarrassed about being seen in your underwear by him. He unhooked your bra quite easily tossing that to the side as well, his tongue making circles around your breast leaving you breathless. You bit your lip to quiet your moans, the boys were still in the house but it seemed like neither of you cared. You certainly didn't, had you been able to think you would've stopped him but you couldn't. Jong-dae quickly slipped off your panties staring down at your now completely naked body. His eyes soaking up the view before he rid himself of his pants. He hovered over you again slowly lowering and aligning himself with your body. You had gripped his arm when he'd entered you lightly calling his name in pleasure, "Chen." His slow movements drove you crazy, especially when his hand was still trailing around your body. Teasing you, tickling you, turning you on more than you meant to be. He gripped your hip with one hand and placed his other by your head supporting himself as went deeper inside you, thrusting a bit harder but still at his slow pace. You couldn't help but beg, "Faster." That seemed to be the cue he was waiting for because he sped up causing you to grip his back. He bent his head down to kiss you then said against your lips. "You feel so good Y/N." His forehead against yours, both of you panting heavy. You could feel yourself reaching your limit; you moaned lightly, "Chen, I can't... no more." "Don't ask me to stop now." he said. You gripped his arm with one hand while the other covered your mouth but he'd grabbed your hand and pinned it back down to the bed and kissed you hard. Your body shook, reaching your climax while he was still devouring your lips. He sat up still moving inside you getting closer to his release. He finally pulled out finishing, making a mess of you and laid down next to you in bed. You still couldn't think but between the sex and crying you were exhausted. You heard him tell you that you should take a shower before you fell asleep and he lent you some clothes like he always did. By the time you came out of the shower, you were too tired to even walk; you had leaned against the door to the bathroom until Jong-dae came and picked you up and helped you into bed. You had noticed he'd come back into the room but you didn't know why he left in the first place and you didn't bother to ask. You felt him kiss the top of your head before you fell asleep. *end of Y/N's flashback* You sat up and looked at his sleeping face. You shivered at the memory of what you had done. There was no way to go back to normal again was there? You started to wonder why you were like this, if Yixing found out he'd do one of two things he'd be hurt and hate you or he'd try to erase the memory of Jong-dae touching you by taking you himself. You were weak to both of their touches but you thought that you had realized you loved Yixing. So what the hell were you doing kissing and sleeping with your best friend? You grabbed your clothes and went into the bathroom to change back into them then snuck out of the room. You slowly walked down the hall trying not to make any noise and opened the door to walk out. Of course it would be too easy to just walk out and not run into the one person you didn't want to see. Yixing was sitting on the front step looking up at the moon. When you opened the door, he turned around to look back at you. You closed the door but you felt your face heating up. You tried not to look at him as you passed by him but he said, "Where are you going?" "Home." You answered. "It's late, you should just stay here. Chen said you were spending the night anyway." "Don't you guys think you deserve some space from me? I'm just always in your personal lives. I should act more professional." "Where the hell is that coming from?" Yixing said. You still hadn't turned back to look at him, "Yixing I'm probably the most toxic person in the world right now you being with me only causes grief. If I choose Chen you'll hate me if I choose you he'll hate me and we all work together. I should've never allowed myself to get involved in the first place." "Is this because you two slept together?" He asked. You whirled around to face him, damn it you two weren't that loud was he listening? Or was that where Jong-dae had gone? Yixing was looking at you with a hard expression but it softened and he looked up at the moon. "I'm not stupid Y/N I know what he was doing. I can't say I wasn't hurt that you gave into him though. I've been sitting out here since he said you were staying the night. You didn't come out with him so that pretty much confirmed what happened. I over heard him and Xiumin talking, you told him you'd go on a date with him. I wanted to scream, I wanted to tell him you were mine." "Yixing stop, you're just proving my point you two are friends, brothers and you're fighting because I'm an idiot." "Yes you are an idiot." He said bluntly. Well that hurt more than you expected it to. You stood there listening to him watching him watch the stars. He then looked at you, like you were the only person in the world. "But you are mine, you know that? So go ahead and fulfill your promise to go out with him, but make sure you come back to me. After you make it clear to him that you can't be with him." You looked at him taken aback at how boldly he spoke. "And how could you possibly be so confident that I will choose you over him?" you asked interested. He stood up and held out his hand to you and you grabbed it. He pulled you close looking you deep in the eyes, the light of the full moon highlighting his face making him look unspeakably gorgeous. His lips lingered above yours as he spoke, "Because I finally noticed it, it's there every time I look in your eyes. You love me, even if you won't fully admit it to yourself. You love me. It's different from the way you look at him and when we kiss I can feel you putting every effort into kissing me back. Not because you have to but because you want me as bad as I want you." "Lay." You whispered against his lips. "Shush." He used his hand to lift up your chin and kissed you, this was the softest kiss you two ever shared, which caused you to cup his face and try and deepen the kiss. You were on your tip toes now and he was smiling through the soft kisses. He gave you what you wanted, kissing you hard and picking you up. He pushed up against the house and you pulled him closer to you. Damn he was an amazing kisser you loved his hands all over you, kissing him was just enough for you when it came to Yixing. He suddenly pulled away and said, "See, you want me." "But I can't have you." "No, not yet. You have to finish everything with Chen and when you do that's when I'll make you mine. Permanently." There was something hot about what he just said and you wanted to kiss him again but you could see he wasn't going to let you. He set you down saying, "Remember I told you I want you, all of you. Every mark I've left on you makes you mine." "That's why you're holding on so bad isn't it? Your dreams of me walking away from you. You won't let me go." "How do you know about my dreams?" he said smirking but you knew it was a front. "At the hospital, you said my name in your sleep. The day after you called my name in your sleep you reached out and grabbed me asking me to stay." You saw his smile falter, "You called me jagi." you said a small smile forming. He looked at you, a shadow now falling on his face because his back was turned to the moon. You could see him smile though, you pushed your finger into his dimple laughing a little. He touched your neck and lightly traced it with his fingers. His eyes looking down at every part his fingers touched. It looked like he wanted to kiss you, you understood why he wouldn't do it again. It was driving you a little crazy especially because he kept touching you. "I'm not being aggressive Y/N I'm just claiming what is already mine. If Chen hadn't called you earlier today you would've slept with me wouldn't you?" You looked away embarrassed because it was true and you couldn't deny that. He made you look back at him, he leaned up against your ear making you shiver. He was doing this on purpose. "Do you want to know why I was calling after you in my dreams?" "Why?" "You kept leaving me behind, to focus on Chen and focus on the other guys but you kept leaving me." His lips touched your ear, once again you shuttered at his low voice. Your hands raked through his hair, his hands wrapped around your waist. "You don't like it when people do things for you. The boys let me spoil and take care of them." "You don't have to leave the boys behind but stop turning your back to me." "Then let me take care of you." He chuckled, "Tomorrow." You pulled away from each other and you both smiled. He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside telling you to go back to bed.

This chapter I wasn't super excited about but I'm pretty satisfied with the ending. Next chapter coming soon. Tag List: @kpossible4250 @JessicaEvaristo @jaysbae13 @Elishafisher @emilycayetano @GriseldaZenger @Tiffany1922

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