Should We Hold On? Pt. 7

Part 6 _ * _ * _ * 1... Tomorrow was the day she was so excited as she sat in her room texting Yibo about when and where to meet when he brother came in... and she froze the smile falling from her face. "Hey." he said climbing on the be beside where she sat. Taking a deep breathe she stood up from the bed and turned to face him. "What?" it sounded more demanding than anything. "My birthday's tomorrow." "And..." "I wanted to know if I could expect what I got last year, it was the best... present." his eyes had turned dark and a sick grin formed on his face. She internally shivered but on the outside a sly, twisted smirk appeared. "I have something better planned. Now leave." He got up and headed towards the door. "I'm glad to see you've learned from the past, Y/N." He left shutting the door and she quickly moved to lock it. She was not staying in this house any longer so she jumped from her window which wasn't too high and left towards the woods. On her way there she texted Yibo to let him know where she would be. "Yah! What happened?" Yibo called. He looked much thinner as did she but he seemed more... lost, like everything that had happened was only hurting him. "My brother came into my room..." Yibo's fists clenched turning his knuckles white. "Nothing happened but I really can't stay anywhere once I see him." she explained. He walked in front of her reaching a hand out. "Let's go." "Where?" He stayed silent as he lead her out of the woods until they reached the street. "You'll see."

A/N: Ohayo! You like? Where do you think he's taking her? And why am I drinking energy drinks at 12 am? All these questions!!! Tbh I've been working on this chapter which is why it's out before 'Say Something'. You like the Hyolyn's edits above? I'm working on Bora's, Soyou's, Dasom's, and a group shot. so much work. But I think it's worth it and fun. the first edit is my wallpaper now!


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