Me Trying to Choose While Voting 😱😭😭

Why....? Why?! Why!!! I can't possibly choose between my mischievous Bammie, sweet yet confusingly sexy Kookie, and well don't get me started on Jackson.....

The Evil Tweens!!

See what I mean, this boy..... It's so confusing.

Annddd my future husband in my, quite delusional mind, and nothing you or the doctors say will ever change that!!!!!

Voting's Got Me Like

Anyways.... Hope you liked my weirdness, and my first ever card!! I was just setting here staring at the voting page, and I figured I might as well share my mind's thoughts so....... Yea. Bye!!!🖖

Now go vote for your boys!!!!

Idols trying to speak English, k-pop fans desperately trying to learn Korean. In a perfect universe, in another dimension, we shall one day 100 percently understand each other...... ~ the random thoughts of Autumn, with the kpop life.
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