Top 5 Things to do When Taking a Yacht Vacation in Australia

crewed yacht charters vacation

1.Voyage in the Sea

On the assumption that you would like to see the capital of Western Australia, Perth – remember to see certain things which Perth has to offer. From the magnificent skyline of the city to the Perth Zoo can be visited when you are on shore. Also, if you are a wine connoisseur you should most obviously visit the San Valley, and if you enjoy history, then the city of Fremantle is a must visit.


Australia’s wildlife is certainly a major tourist attraction. If you are into wildlife photography, you cannot afford to miss this. Without having to set foot on the ground, you can enjoy the view of the exotic sea lions in Shoalwater Islands, Marine Park along with the awe-inspiring whale migrations. The view of all those coral and tropical fish coupled with the restless Dolphins will surely leave you tongue-tied.

3.Swimming and Other Pleasures

Australia’s’ vast sea is ideal for lighthearted pleasures like swimming and snorkeling. If you are an adrenaline junkie, it is but obvious that you would want to try out scuba diving and other water activities. Also, this is another perfect opportunity to go under water and take a picture of all the flora and fauna down there to your heart’s content .

4.Shopping, Clubbing, Dining

You have come to Australia out of all countries and who knows when you might visit again. Get out there and party all your want. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney are ideal party destinations. And, if you are into clubbing and have brought grinds along with you then all the more reason to hop out of your yacht and join the party. If you want to give parties a miss, you can always enjoy the local street food or have a fine dining experience in any of the restaurants.

5.Other Mind-blowing Attractions

Depending on your taste, you can easily explore other places of interest while you are on the crewed yacht charters. If you dearly love wildlife, then the Kadaku National Park and Tasmanian Wilderness are the must visit places. Another must place visit by a yacht is the Lindeman Island.

Like opera? Be sure to catch a show at the Sydney Opera House and be mind blown with all that amazing culture. If you want to give the popular destinations a miss on your first visit to Australia, then you have the option of touring other areas like Canberra and Queensland.

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