Would You Let A Robot Style Your Hair?

Deciding on a new hairstyle can be a real pain. What if a robot could choose a flattering cut FOR you?

Well, if you're a client at Tokyo's PERCUT Men's Hair salon, that's exactly how it's done!


A highly intelligent service robot named Pepper actually digitally analyzes your face shape, and after you answer a few short questions on preferences (for men, i.e: "How do you feel about sideburns?"), she's able to present you with a style picked out just for you!

She then stands by the barber while he cuts your hair to make sure that the cut comes out just as good as it looks in the picture.

Here's one of Pepper's fancy hair models. Looking sharp, guy!


And don't worry. If you hate what the robot's picked out for you, she gives you the option to say no and start over again.

One of the robot's custom PERCUT styles starts at 3,000 yen (roughly $29 USD)

Would you trust a robot with hairstyling advice?

Let me know how you feel about Pepper's PERCUT gig below, and for more weird happenings in science and technology, follow my Weird Science collection!

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