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Ahhhh I'm so excited for this!!! Finally I get to put together my perfect band! Warning, some of the people I add in certain positions may not be in those positions in their original band but I still think they would do pretty well there


Okay so first up is of course the leader. This is soooo easy honestly. I pick Solji from EXID! She is so freaking talented, she has an amazing voice and she is really strong mentally so she will do an amazing job at leading this band


Oh my god this is so easy! My pick for dancer is so easy! For dancer I pick Sulli from f(x). She's cute but she's also badass and her moves are always on point when they dance. Although Sulli may have left f(x) I still consider her a part of ot5 f(x) and thus I can put her in this card


Now for vocal. There is a massive massive range of people I can pick for vocal and they will all fit perfectedly into this category. But, because I love love love Girl Generation, I choose Tiffany. Tiffany is the cutest sweetest and most talented vocalist you will probably ever meet and she's my favorite member of Girls Generation, so naturally, she gets vocals!



Maknae was hard to pick because I was tempted to throw a boy in the mix but, I finally decided who to put as the maknae. JINSEOL!!!The cutie who's a year older than me, Jinseol has beautiful vocal skills, she can dance, she has an amazing smile and above all is just freaking amazing! She fits well inside of this cute band I'm building so of course she gets the maknae spot


Has there ever been an easier choice? No I don't think so. For rapper obviously I'm going to pick the cutest, the most hardcore girl who slays the damn hardest. Shin Jimin. She is a beast when it comes out slaying people and if her time on Unpretty Rapstar wasn't enough to showcase it, then look no further than her song God. It is a whole 3 and some seconds of slayage and it is damn amazing. Who cares if she doesn't look like a typical rapper like cheetah or Jessi? This girl is still amazing and gets the rapper spot in my band


Last but definitely not least is 4D. It took me some time time to decide who I wanted to put as my 4D but I was finally able to decide. Congrats Taeyeon from Girls Generation, you get the spot! Not only is she an amazing singer, she's fantastic at dancing, is absolutely stunning and is my second favorite member of Girls Generation. Taeyeon completes this band, perfectedly

So that is my new band that I formed for@kpopandkimchi challenge. What do you guys think? I personally adore the band I've put together, it has all my favorites!

I'm the motherfucking top madame~
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