EXO Screenshot Game

I wanted to bring back the EXO Screenshot Game. its got me hyped up. I'll put my results first, then the picture gifs (idrk how to explain) .

Bestfriend Chen and I are similar.

Older Brother I hope he'll make me food.

Crush he'll never like me

One who likes you Suho, it won't work out.

Ex Boyfriend we broke up

One who stole your heart 백 현 이~

First Kiss ikr

One who drugs you (you dont have to do it, its optional) would he actually do that?

One who gets you pregnant (you dont have to do it, its optional) I don't mind. He's too good looking, that I won't even bother.

One who leaves you WHAT DID I DO?

One you marry after high school I'm pregnant w/ his child. That seems fair.

I hope you play and get who you weren't expecting first. jk.

IM EXO trash. 😤
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