A Darker Truth~ CH. 3

Nothing will be what it seems. Will telling the truth save him, save me? Should I fight back, try to survive OR just die?

I want to run, I want to fly, I want to be free from all this, but I can’t for I am a liar and a monster. The truth is darker then the lie.

AIRAM’s (your) P.O.V

“Jungkook…” I didn’t know he was in here, but of course it was his room I was now in. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing…” He said drying his hair as he eyed me up and down. “What’s with the bag?”

“Uh, well I just…I just… I DON’T KNOW. I’m just being a weirdo okay?” I really couldn’t come up with a lie so I somewhat told the truth, I am a weirdo. I saw his right eyebrow rise.

“Did you climb through the window again?” He asked and I just nodded my head yes. “One of these days you are going to fall noona.”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me noona, you make me feel old and I’m like only one or two years older then you.” I tried changing the subject, even though I was still worried about Momo being in the building.

“Heh, Airam noona, Ai noona, noona.” He teased me.

“Shut up.” I glared and he just laughed. “Why aren’t you in school by the way?”

“Just didn’t feel like going today.” He said, shrugging his shoulders.

I stayed silent and just watched as he walked into his closet and come back out with a shirt in his hands. I watched as he put it on, black really suited him. It gave him a bad boy look, which who doesn’t like that. I met Jungkook the sometime I met Taehyung. The were roommates and of course they lived right under me so I would run into them often. Jungkook, even though he looked young, he acted like a man at times and it’s really surprising. He’s a mischievous person. They were both good people, very nice, friendly, and unique. Lets not forget also good looking.

One day I got locked out of my apartment and at the time it was just me and Amy, but she was out of town visiting her parents and I had misplaced my card and the key I had forgotten inside my room. I didn’t want to call my step father and ask him to unlock my door since he owned the build he had a master key that could unlock any door. I ran into V that day and I remembered how he lives right under me so I asked if I could go into Jungkook’s room and climb out his window and climb up to mine. He thought I was crazy, but none-the-less he said it was fine.

Jungkook was there too and he thought I was insane and offered to do it himself, but I was against it. They kept freaking out saying I was going to fall and go splat on the concrete. Of course it was easy for me since I did stuff like that often in the past, but they didn’t know that and I didn’t tell them either. The good thing was that I always left my window unlock and I wasn’t worried about anyone breaking in through it since I live on the fourth floor and who is going to be stupid enough like me to climb up that high and only having the window ledge to grab onto. Ever since then, I would occasionally sneak into Jungkook’s room through his window to scare him since he always likes to scare me, or when they invite me over for diner or whatever.

I hadn’t realized Jungkook was staring at me, I was lost in thought, lost in the memory. I looked at him and made my puffer-fish face, causing him to burst out laugh. I called it that because it what I looked like, I puffed my cheeks out by blowing air and holding it and puckering up my lips.

“Is Taehyung still here?” I asked.

“No he left.” Jungkook replied, sitting on his bed. I just nodded my head.

“Mmm, hey if it’s cool with you, can I stay the night?” I asked trying to think of a reason to give him.

“Uh, sure…I guess…” he looked a little trouble as if he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of me sleeping in the same place as them.

“It’s just that Amy moved out and my new roommie kind freaks me out a little and I don’t wanna see him today.” I said.

“Oh, Amy moved out?” I nodded in responds. “So its just you and that boy…. Je-Ji-Jimin?”

“Yeah it’s just me and Jimin.” I said as I checked my phone for the time.

“Ah~ well yeah sure, stay as long as you want and we both know V will be okay with it.” He said leaning back, smiling.

“Cool, will I’mma go put my bag in his room.” I said as I made my way out of Jungkook’s room.

(That should keep them out, seeing my undies…that or make them curious…eh… Good thing I don’t wear thongs….)

“Well I’m head out now, I have to go to work and find out my schedule.” I said as I walked out of V’s room, Jungkook was now leaning against his door frame.

“I have to go out also.” He said as he followed me to the front door. We put on our shoes and then headed out. We waved our goodbyes and went our separate ways once we reached the street.


I had just gotten out of the shower, I felt like playing hooky and not go to school. I had just pulled some pants on and walked towards my room when I heard a thud coming from inside. I knew it couldn’t have been Taehyung, he had left a few minutes before I got into the shower. He had forgotten his wallet. I pushed the door open and saw her closing my window and locking it.

“Ai noona?” She spun so fast she almost lost her balance, her eyes wide.

“Jungkook…” She tried to fix her posture. “What are you doing here?”

(This is my room…)

“Uh, well I just…I just… I DON’T KNOW. I'm just being a weirdo okay?” She said, freaking out for who knows what reason, she looked panicky. I wondered if she was okay.

“Did you climb through the window again?” I asked even though I knew the answer, it was like a habit of hers. She couldn’t come through the front door like a normal person, no Airam had to almost always come through my window.

(Knock on wood.)

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me noona, you make me feel old and I'm like only one or two years older then you.” I could tell she was wanting to change the subject and I let her. In honesty, she looked a little scared to me, which I found strange and so unlike her.

“Heh, Airam noona, Ai noona, noona~.” I teased.


“I just didn’t feel like going today.” I said shrugging my shoulder and realizing I was shirtless when I saw Airam’s eyes slightly glance at my stomach.

I walked into my closet and grabbed a black t-shirt. I was glad she didn’t ask me anything else. She stood quiet, looking lost in thought. Her eyes stayed on me but I could tell she wasn’t focused on me, but on something else. At some point she snapped back to reality. She puffed out her cheeks and puckered her lips. I couldn’t help, but laugh.

“Is Taehyung still here?” she asked. I told her he wasn’t, that he had left, she just nodded her head, looking around.

“Mmm, hey if it’s cool with you, can I stay the night?” She asked out of the blue.

“Uh, sure…I guess...” It would be the first time anyone other then hyung and I, to spend the night at our place.

I would have preferred to keep it that way. I have things I don’t need anyone finding out about, I have enough with trying to keep things from Taehyung, I don’t need to add anyone else to the list.

“It’s just that Amy moved out and my new roomie kind freaks me out a little and I don’t wanna see him today.” Airam said obviously reading my troubled expression.

“Oh, Amy moved out?” I responded. “So its just you and that boy…. Ja-je-Ji-Jimin?” I couldn’t remember his name at first.

“Yeah its just me and Jimin.” She answered still looking around for someone or something.

“Ah~ well yeah sure stay as long as you want and we both know V will be okay with it.” I said as I leaned back on my bed, smiling at her.

“Cool, will I’mma go put my bag in his room.” She left my room at the same time I received a notification on my phone.

Unknown# > meet up at the usual café. <

(Hmmm strange.)


After Momo and Airam left, I pulled out my laptop and looked at some files Suga had sent me. It was any and all information he could get on the two targets, the two assassins.


• Death angel’s real name and age unknown.

• Appeared about three years ago, massacring about a total of eight lower underground gangs in the east and south.

• Suppose sightings in the northwest area.

• Last location and kill was about a year ago in Yeonhui-dong, close to Seodaemun-gu.

• The supposed Death Angel got his name due to the mark he leaves after every kill.

• He draws a skull with wings in his victim’s blood.

• Never leaving any DNA.

• He has no target range, he kills anyone and everyone.

• No body marks, no tattoos known of.

• Never leaves a witness.

• No connections to any criminal organizations.

• Head shots and slit throats, rare cases where the hearts are missing.


• Black Wolf’s real name and age unknown.

• Appeared about five years ago, massacring the second biggest gang organization at the time. Due to that, the Black Dragons are now in second.

• Everyone believes The Black Wolf works with the Black Dragons. May have ties.

• Last sightings, activities were about a year and 6 months ago in Cheongun-dong. One body found, the CEO of CC Shipping Corp. - Choi Changsoo, age 38.

• His targets are mainly gangs or Dirty CEO, or employees of big companies. Rarely random civilians.

• Got his name by the only witness/survivor of the 2nd biggest gang he massacred.

• Survivor stated he saw a wolf on the back of the assassin’s shirt, wore all black, has a wolf’s paw print tattooed on the left shoulder creating claw marks, and a crescent moon behind the left ear.

• Wore a black hat that cover top half and mask that covered bottom half of face.

• Victim thinks the Black Wolf may have two more tattoos, a small one on the inner wrist of right hand and a bigger one on the upper part of back, stretching from shoulder to shoulder.

• Claw like marks on bodies and torn throats, looks like a pack of wolves attacked the bodies.

•Never any DNA.

(Why did they both stop…)

(It can’t be a coincidence that both killers’ activities practically stop about a year ago …)

From Momo: > Hey what's the passcode to get in? I forgot something inside. <

To Momo: > 0415. Spare key is up above the door on the frame. <

From Momo: > Thank U ~ ;) <3 <

Boss said that Jin was undercover, supposedly trying to get into BangTan gang and getting whatever info he could. The last report of Jin was that BangTan has moved their location north west trying to take over the Black Dragons’ territory and they had gotten into a big brawl with one of the sons of the Black Dragons’ leader. Jin last reported to have been in Hongdae meeting up with Hitman the leader of B.T. His real name is Sihyuk. After that contact with Jin was lost and no one has heard from him for a whole month.

[5 messages/ 13 miss calls]

From Momo: > Jimin we may have a problem. Call me! <

> JIMIN ANSWER YOUR PHONE!! We have a problem!!<

> I shot at Airam and she escaped! <



WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? Why the heck did Momo shoot at Airam for?!)


“What the hell happened!? Why’d you shoot at her!?” I cut Momo off.

“Cause she caught me off guard! I didn’t really forget anything I went back to the apartment to find information on her!” Momo shouted through the phone. “Boss’s order!” I raced towards the apartment as it came into view.

“Boss thought she was working for sometime of criminal organization and so did I. She caught me on my lie and I thought she was going to shoot me when I saw her move towards the couch and saw her hand on the pillow on the edge!” Momo explained. “I thought she may have had a gun hidden there!”

“She ran into her room and climbed out the window and I lost her there. I searched the streets and nothing!”

“DAMMIT MOMO! Where are you now?!” I asked.

“In the car driving back to HQ…to report to boss…” She replied.

“DON’T! Wait before you do.” I said as I ran up four flights of stairs.

“OK.” I hung up after she answered.

(DAMMIT!)(Should I tell her the truth or lie!?)

She was no where in the university and I didn’t know where she worked. I called about ten more times and still nothing. I gave up looking for her and it was now about four in the evening. I got a text from Suga as I went back to the apartment.

From Suga: > New on Jin. Was taken by the Black Dragons a month ago while doing a job Hitman gave him. He was suppose to be spying on the leader for him. That all I got. <

To Suga: > Ok thanks, do you need me to do anything?”

From Suga: > no but I lost a lot of sleep you know and I had to sweat. <

(So Jin was in the hands of YongSun. Great, just great. Jin you better still be alive.)

(Who’s car was that?)


After leaving Jimin’s place I got straight to work instead of sleeping like I would like. As soon as I arrived home I ran to my desk and started my search on Jin and going through files about our targets. When I found nothing I started hacking into police and any federal computer files. Any bit of information was helpful. Around five I finally got some things on the 2 targets but it wasn’t much, not helpful whatsoever. Sighing, I sent what I had to Jimin and Momo, then headed out after I showered and changed into more comfortable clothes to do what I had to today.

(Time to get my hands dirty…)

(Tsk no swag.)

I watched as he sat down after ordering and flirting with the cashier. He pulled out his phone and started texting away. I watch and followed him for about an hour or two before deciding to take action. As he was rounding a corner I yanked him into the alley and shoved him up against a building wall.

“WHAT THE F*CK!?” the man shouted. I slammed him into the wall.

“There is only one thing I need from you and that is an answer.” I said.

“The f*ck are you!? I ain’t answering sh*t.” Then man swung for my face and with out letting go of his collar I leaned back, dodging then punching him in the stomach.

(I could be sleeping right now…)

“WHERE. IS. JIN?” I put my hands in my pocket and leaned down getting a little closer to him.

The stupid ass spit in my face and I snapped. Wiping my face, I looked at him and then let him stand. Instead of trying to run he came at me. I dodge to the side and brought my knee up making contact with his stomach. He bent forward from the pain and I kneed him again but this time in the face breaking his nose. I didn’t give him time to recover. I swept him off his feet and he slammed to the ground, the air living his lungs. I stomped on him over and over with an occasional kick in the ribs.

“You know I could be sleeping by now. Thanks to you I'm starting to sweat.” I said as I wiped at my forehead. “You could have answer the F*ckin’ question and we would have been down here.” I left my foot on his chest putting all my weight on it. “so I am going to ask ONE more time, WHERE is JIN?”

(So a set-up… tsk … damn it I need to let Jimin know and the Boss. Neither of them are going to like this news.)

“See, was that so hard?” I said before knocking him out.

I drove the van into the ally and opened the back throwing the guy in and tying him up. I couldn’t let him live cause then he would go crawling to Sihyuk. I was done and had arrive at the Han river around 4 in the evening. I took out my cell phone and texted Jimin.

To Midget Jimjim: > New on Jin. Was taken by the Black Dragons a month ago while doing a job Hitman gave him. He was suppose to be spying on the leader for him. That all I got. <

From Midget Jimjim: > Ok thanks, do you need me to do anything?”

Me: > No but I lost a lot of sleep u know & I had to sweat. <

(I'm going to sweat again…Sh*t)

“Because you gave me a hard time I’mma let you drown, bye bye.” I said as I saw his eyes widen with panic.

“Swag.” Was my last word to him before shoving him into the water and watching him sink. I left once he was out of sight.

AIRAM’s (Your) P.O.V.

My cell phone kept buzzing, Jimin was blowing up my phone. I figure Momo may have told him what happened and that’s why he was calling me, I silenced my phone and ignore any and all calls and messages. I went to work and picked up my paycheck, then cashed some of it and put the rest into my savings. I had made about $520. from there I walked around forgetting about classes, I was kind of worried Momo or Jimin were there looking for me probably to shut me up…forever…

(Was she looking for something? Did she really forget something? Nah, no way…. hmmm…the heck…)(One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ni-)

“Oh I'm sorry!” A girl said at the same time I said “sorry.” We bumped shoulders, neither of us paying attention much.

“Its okay.” I respond. She smiled and bowed before walking away. I looked down at my feet again and saw a wallet. I picked it up and turned around.

“Hey! Hey! Miss you dropped your wallet!” I called out to the girl. She stopped and turned around. I jogged up to her.

“Here you dropped it.” I said handing it to her.

“OH! Thank you so much. I wouldn’t be able to get home without.” She took it and smiled at me, which I returned.

“Heh, yeah. I like your hair, by the way. Its very cool.” I commented. Her hair was long wavy and black fading pink into light orange tips.

“THANK YOU!” she said happily. “I'm really sorry for not paying attention to where I was walking.”

“Its okay it was my fault too. Anyways take care.” I said as I waved good by, she waved back and we went our separate ways.

I reached the food stand and ordered a lot of food. I sat down at the tables they had set up and began stuffing my face with rice, ttobbokki, chicken and all the other stuff I got. I looked at my phone and I had over 30 miss calls, half of them were from Jimin, then I had five from my stupid step-brother Dan and one from my step-dad and the others was V, he had also left a voicemail and text both saying the same thing.

{Hey Ai~ I called ya a couple of times but you didn’t answer. Jungkook told me you snuck in through the window again, I swear I think you are crazy. He told me that you are staying the night! It’s the 1st of many! Woot woot! What time you think you be home? You aren’t partying without me are you?? Text or call me whenever. Bye~}

(That’s so Taehyung to leave long messages)UGH…WHY…My Life…why can’t I be left in peace? Mom I'm sorry looks like I can’t keep my hands cleaned…)

“What s'up Eli?” I answered.

(UGH…Hana…stupid step monster.)

“Yeah I know, I have a missed call from him and guess what?” I said.

“What?” Eli asked.

“I don’t give a monkey’s ass rats about it.” I stuffed my mouth with more food.

“That made no sense, but whatever. Dan has been calling me non-stop and I'm sure he did the same to you.” I muffled a yes.

“Are you eating?” Another muffled yes. “ Mmm, anyways I called to tell you that I am on my way to get you, YongSun wants to meet up with us. Seems there has been some problems going on and he needs us.”

“Ahm nah ‘omm.” I tried to say with food in my mouth, almost choking.

“You’re not home…text me the address of where you’re at.” We hung up.

Eli was my other older stepbrother, the better and smarter one. Eli wasn’t really involved in my step father’s gang, he tried to keep out of it like me. Instead Eli is a successful business man, he works for some big company that I never care to remember the name of. I texted him my location and then continued eating the rest of my food. I wasn’t looking forward to meet Dan and YongSun. Every time I see or hear Dan I want to punch him in his face. He really annoyed me and everyone around him including his dad. I still wonder how YongSun has put up with him for 24 years. Shoot I’ve only known him for about ten years. He was 18 and I was 14. Elli was about 22. We are four years apart on age.

Eli and Dan are half brothers. YongSun has a complicated love life. Eli’s mom was in a gang and had seduce YongSun when he was younger and started getting involved in all that. She ended up pregnant with Eli and when he was like 2-3 years old his mother died, I don’t know how, and YongSun took full custody of him. YongSun was already married to Dan’s mom at that time.

As they grew up and life went by, YongSun and Dan’s mom started to have problems, cheating and drugs and all that. They divorced and then he met my mom and fell for her, I was already 5-6 years old when I met YongSun. He was a creepy guy, but he took care of me when my mom had to work and even after when she passed away. Me and Dan literally fought like cats and dogs. Eli was always kind and caring, I always thought of him as my real big brother.

“Airam, if you’re done eating stop daydreaming and get in.” I jumped out of my seat.

Eli was in his black Kia waiting for me. I took one more bite and walked around his car to get in the passenger seat. He rolled the window up and drove off. We drove in silence for a bit then I remember I had to text Taehyung and let him know something came up and not to wait up.

To Alien V: > Yea Tae, something came up and I may be late coming home so don’t wait up. <

From Alien V: > 0.o Is everything okay? You sure? How are you going to get in? <

Me: > Yea everything’s fine, I just have to meet up with my dad. <

>Just let Jungkook know & to leave the window unlock. <

Alien V: > Okie dokie! X] <

(First let me deal with this problem then I’ll deal with the whole momo, Jimin problem.)

“What? Keep your eyes on the road please.” I was honestly scared of cars, I have a license, but I don’t drive and I never liked to get in any vehicles.

“I am.” He said. “You not going to puke are you? Cause if you are you need to let me know now so I can pull over. I don’t want you puking in my car.” He said concern in his voice.

“No, no, I'm okay.” I was internally panicking, wheezing.

“So who were you texting just now?” Eli asked turn down a dirt road.

“Just my roomie.” I replied.

(It won't be pretty.)

“Yeah I told her.” He just nodded his head.

“So do you know why dad wants us?” I asked.

“I think it has to do with the BangTan gang. they are being a pest right now, but I'm not sure.” He said as he pulled into our dad’s warehouse. Its where the black dragons meet and keep their “toys” and other things. By toys I mean guns, drugs, and all those gang related things that I try to keep out of.

“Well we’re about to find out.” I said as I got out of the car and walked inside.

The warehouse was enormous and two stories. I walked up the stairs and down a hall. I stopped in front of the last door in the hall and waited for Eli to come. Normally everyone knocks and waits to be let in. as Eli made his way he eyes me. He gave me the –don’t just burst-in- look, I did exactly that. I slammed the door open making everyone, but YongSun jump. Eli sighed and followed me in. Dan was seating on the sofa and YongSun was in his desk chair. His men were all on their feet, standing.

“Scared the SH*T outta me, damn.” Dan voice and I didn’t care. I faced my step father YongSun and bowed before going to my place to stand, Eli followed. Everyone was silent waiting for the big boss to speak.

“BangTan has killed two of our men... Also they have sent an assassin to kill us.” He said. His face serious, no emotions anywhere. “They think they can scare us and take our things. We need to protect this city, protect our home and people. They even sent one of their dogs to spy on us.”

“What does all this have to do with Ai and me?” Eli voiced, our father lowered his stared. His eyed going between us.

“I need you Eli to be on alert, the assassin WILL go after you. I also need you to hack into some accounts that belong to the Hitman.” He said and then looked at me.

“Airam, you are to get all the information BangTan’s dog has and then find and kill the assassin. No one knows about you, so he won’t be after you. I also need you to deliver something to the Blood clan and make sure you collect the $10,000.” My step father said, turning his chair in the direction of Dan.

“I can’t.” I replied. His eyes slid to me. “I can’t accept the mission. You know I'm done with that.”

“You can and you will.” He commanded. The started speaking to Dan. “Dan you take some men and go check our west base and report back.”

“Yes sir.” Dan replied.

“I won’t do it it.” I voiced. YongSun stood up from his chair.

“You won’t do it…” he repeated. “After everything you have been through, everything you have done up till now, you wont do it….” I lowered my head remembering all the horrible things I have done in the past. “If you don’t do this then the you are letting your family down, letting them get killed one by one.”

“Why me? Cant you get someone else?” I whispered, I knew the answer.

“Only you.” He responded. His stare made me feel heavy.

I was the only skilled enough and had the “talent”, as some put it, to get information and kill without getting caught. It was anger that drove me to do the things I did, loss. I glanced at my brothers, stepbrothers. I didn’t want them to died no matter how annoying they may be, but they can take care of themselves.

“I. wont. Do. It.” I repeated loud and clear, challenging back.

“YOU WILL!!” He slammed his hands onto his desk making everyone flinch. “Think about Ai, your mother.” Anger lit inside me.

(How dare you bring my mom into this!)

Dan, once out of anger when we were younger, spoke bad about my mom and I snapped. I jumped on him and started beating the sh*t out of him, Eli was there and tried to get me off of Dan. I even once got into it with YongSun. I punched him in the jaw and stomach, it was the first and last time I hit him.

“She would be DISGUSTED with you if she was here you stupid Ass.” The minutes that sentence was out of my mouth, he smacked me.

My face swung left, my cheek stung and I tasted blood in my mouth. I knew I hit a string. He loved and respected my mom. She was the only one that made he want to be good and change his ways, but when she passed away me and him fell into a dark abyss and we have been struggling to get out. Dan had jumped onto his feet when he saw his dad hit me and Eli yelled his name, but neither moved. No one in the room moved. I slowly turned my head straight, rage now inside me. I swept everything off his desk, grabbed the bag that was next to his desk and kicked the door open off its hinges and stormed off.

“Did she really have to do it dad?” I heard Dan ask as I walked away.

I felt something dark and dangerous start to form. I thought I had finally got out of that, tamed it, but no, it was coming back again and it wanted to play. My hands where to get more dirty. Red will stain it once again and I may not come back from this.

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