What If We Were Refugees?

Alicia Keys just released a new short film, Let Me In, in time with World Refugee Day.

In it, the seemingly far off refugee crisis our world faces is brought much much closer to home. To Southern California.

In the 11 minute-long video we watch a successful, middle class mother and her children fleeing the overwhelming violence in L.A. for the safer lands of Mexico. Not unlike the violence experienced in other parts of the world.

“I’ve been strong for so long that I’m blind. Is there a place I can go where the lonely river flows where fear ends and faith begins?”

We see Mexican police forces having to decide whether or not to let the refugees in, amid protests by Mexicans about the safety issues of letting Americans into their country.

The video is filled with haunting images such as when the young daughter watches her mother float away in the same type of inflatable vessel thousands of refugees drown in while attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

The video ends with the message to demand our “governments act with love.”

the number of refugees and displaced persons has reached 65.3 million people.

We Are Here Movement

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