Fantasy KPOP 2016

Leader - Shin

He is a good leader, he loves his members and takes good care of them. He plays around with them he goof's off with them, and man can he be super sexy. That smile and his voice yes he's amazing.

Dancer - Jhope, Jimin

This was hard, mostly because these two are super amazing at dancing. I couldn't pick just one I had to go with two.

Vocal - Jonghyun, V, Hongki

I couldn't pick just one, I mean Jonghyun's voice is super sexy he can sing high or low his vocal range is amazing. V I really love deep singing voices they calm me. Hongki well it's Lee Hongki after all enough said his voice just takes me away.

Maknae - Jungkook

Because well yeah he's the golden maknae, and his voice is beautiful and he slays when he dances.

Rappers - Yijeong, Suga, Siyong (do you see a theme going on here?)

All three have sexy deep voices my god! I swear I did not like rap until I got into Kpop. I thin it has to do with the sexy deep voices, and actually the lyrics are better than American rappers. (just my opinion)

4D- Hansol

He is just a giant ball of fluff, I love him and he's so sexy too my god, and he's a good dancer and singer.

@kpopandkimchi I'm sure I did this wrong because I didn't choose one on a few of them, but that's really hard when you have so many choices and love all of them. If needed I'll make a decision but yeah this would be my group, a bunch of dorks, who just so happen to be princes.

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