Poison: A Markson Story Chapter 6

This chapter is kind of short, but next chapter will be a bit longer, I promise

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Jackson nervously knocks on Mark's apartment door. He left his house early, but his mom was fine with it. She thinks that Jackson is going to talk to Mark about possibly moving in, since they were such good friends. But that's not what Jackson has planned. He starts rocking his feet back and forth, nervously waiting for Mark to open the door.

Mark opens the door seconds later. "Hey," he says, giving Jackson a small smile, trying to hide his nervousness. Jackson smiles back, "Hey," he replies, stepping inside Mark's apartment. Mark shuts the door and follows Jackson to the living room. "So, what do you want to talk about?" Mark asks, trying to make small talk so the awkwardness doesn't set in right away.

"Nothing," Jackson says, sitting down on the couch, "I just wanted to talk to you." He watches Mark sit down on the seat next to him, eyeing Mark's chest, as it is being exposed by his V-neck T-shirt. Jackson feels a familiar warmth in his stomach. He can help but stare at Mark longer, admiring how hot Mark looks in that shirt. He feels the warmth spread through his body, and for the first time, it doesn't scare him. He welcomes the feeling, now that he knows for sure that it's real, and that he is not imagining this feeling.

"Jackson?" Mark asks.

"Um, what?" Jackson asks, trying to get his head back to the present.

Mark lets out a small chuckle, "I asked you about you're friend. Did my advice help them?"

Jackson almost forgets about his white lie, but remembers quickly, "Yeah," he states, "They said they feel much more at ease."

Mark lets out a small smile, "That's good. I'm glad it helped them." Mark chuckles and looks down at the floor. Jackson feels his heart skip a beat when he sees Mark smile. He feels nerves start to surface in his stomach. He made this decision very last minute, and he thinks about not saying anything, but he needs to get it out somehow. "He- Hey Mark," Jackson stutters out, biting his lip before he lets his thoughts spill from his mouth.

Mark looks up at Jackson, "What?"

Jackson stares at Mark, his heart starting to race. 'This feeling is real,' he thinks to himself. 'I really do like Mark.'

His original plan was to talk to Mark about what he's been thinking. His plan was to talk it out and get some answers. But with his heart beating fast and the sight of Mark before him, that plan is far from his mind. What he wants to do right now is something he never thought about doing, but it somehow feels right.



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