Suzy Baez is currently in a middle of a huge fight, and according to reports, it is because of Baez ’s ex-boyfriend, Sung Joon. However, a recent post revealed that the couple is having problems not only with Joon, but with another actor as well.

Recent posts from different publications suggested that the couple’s relationship is on the rocks because of Baez’s ex-partner Joon. Reports mentioned that the actress even tried to amend things between them without the knowledge of Min Ho. However, it seems like Joon is not the only problem for the couple because it appears that actor Kim Soo Hyun is also troubling them.

Soo Hyun is Baez’s co-star in the TV series Dream High. The rumor was rooted in the chemistry between them in the show. But, aside from that, there are no other evidence that could strengthen the claim that they are in a relationship.

Sung Joon is still the biggest threat to Min Ho and Baez’s relationship. According to Movie News Guide, Baez seems to have crossed the line this time, which led Min Ho to call off their relationship. According to the site, it is because the actress still talking to her ex-boyfriend.

Apparently, this is not the first time rumors circulated on the web about the couple’s break-up. Ever since the two made their relationship public in March 2015, the duo has faced rumors about them splitting up in September of the same year and in February 2016. However, Baez was consistent in denying the rumors and telling reporters that those were just false jokes. But, as of now, Baez has not released an official statement yet regarding the most recent controversy.

Meanwhile, Min Ho recently had a chance to escape these rumors for a brief moment as he achieved a new milestone on his acting career. Last week, he was awarded as the Most Influential Actor in the 2016 Weibo Movie Night awards ceremony. According to Soompi, the star attended the event at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in China on June 13, and there were 100 million fans who participated in the online voting over at Weibo.

Aside from being the Most Influential Actor, Min Ho was also the recipient of the first ever Asian Cinema Pioneer Award. “Through this recognition, Min Ho grows beyond being a Hallyu star and into a film actor representing Asia,” said a Weibo representative as posted by Chat Sports Net. “It is particularly meaningful that he received the award by the assessment of the Chinese public themselves. Min Ho is working without rest to grow out of his flower boy image and stand on top as an actor,” added the representative.

The recent awards Min Ho has received are indeed a good breather for the actor amidst the rumors about him and his girlfriend Baez. However, it is also a fact that sooner or later, he will again have to deal with it. Let us wait for further statements from Min Ho and Baez. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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