My two favorite songs

This song is basically the anthem for VIPs. It means the world to me because I always think about how far Big Bang has come as artists and men, also how far I have come in life as well. I know the lyrics aren't really about that, but it is such a legacy song that I am sure it means something different to anyone that listens to it. This song also means a lot to Big Bang I mean have you seen them preform it? Have you seen how emotional they (especially GD) get when they hear the VIPs singing their anthem? It is an incredible song that stands the test of time for the kings of Kpop.

This song makes me emotional like Haru Haru, but in almost the opposite way. As a black woman whenever I try to date I worry that a guy will say that we are too different or that he thinks other people won't accept an interracial couple. Most of the lyrics in this song are saying that the differences are too big and nothing will work out. This song is my greatest fear and also my greatest challange. I still love it though.

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