Mr. Secret

Ch. 1

The club was bursting with people dancing, grinding on each other. Shin was looking down from the balcony for the VIP room people watching, that’s when he noticed him. There was a tall blonde dancing like he didn’t have a care in the world. Shin didn’t know why but he couldn’t keep his eyes off him, when the male smiled or laughed Shin found himself following suit.

Shin watched at the male walked towards the bar, Shin noticed someone walk up to him and wrap their arm around his shoulder. Shin didn’t like this, and scoffed his face changing from wearing a smile to annoyed, that’s when he decided to head for the bar. Shin needed to find out who this guy was.

Once Shin reached the dance floor, he tried to find the blonde male again. He looked over at the bar, but he couldn’t see him anymore. “Damn, that boy’s fast.” Shin muttered to himself, at that moment Shin turns around and found that the blonde was standing in front of him, looking into his eyes. Shin’s eyes are wide with surprise.

The blonde takes Shin’s wrist and drags him to a back room, he pushes Shin to the wall and aggressively puts his mouth on Shin’s kissing him hard and forcing his tongue into his mouth, Shin realizes what he’s doing and submits to the blonde. The blonde pulls away from their passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry but I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” The blonde confesses. Shin is in surprise; he’s never had someone come up to him like that.

“Why me?” Shin manages to speak. The blonde smiles and leans in to whisper in Shin’s ear.

“I saw you when I came in, I saw you watching me.” The blonde replied. Shin gulps, his palms sweating from his nervousness, his heart racing.

“What’s your name?” Shin asks.

“Takuya. What’s yours?” Takuya returns the question.

“It’s Shin.” Shin replies, as he’s about to ask another question he feels his phone vibrate in his jean left pocket. Shin pulls his phone out and looks at the caller ID.

“Shit.” Shin mutters, the blonde looks at him and then down at his phone. The screen read “Mom”

“You should answer that.” The blonde stated with a smile before turning to leave.

“Hey wait, how can I get in touch with you?” Shin shouts at the blonde but the blonde keeps walking as if he didn’t hear him.

Takuya’s POV

I came to the club to let go of some steam. This was my first trip to a club since I’ve been in Korea. I look around seeing the people dancing and the music isn’t bad. I start to move my body to it, I lift my head to see above and I find a VIP room and a boy standing at the balcony. Short black hair, wearing black jeans, white t-shirt with a black leather jacket. He was watching the people on the dance floor. I watched him as he laughed and smiled placing his hand to his mouth as he tried to hide his beautiful bunny smile.

I figured if he’s watching the people on the floor, maybe I should make myself visible. I start to dance, really getting into the music, I completely let myself go. Out of the corner of my eye I see he’s noticed me. I then stop my dancing and walk to the bar. Shortly after arriving at the bar, some drunk girl comes towards me and asks me to buy her a drink. She reeks of alcohol I almost want to throw up. She wraps her arm around my shoulder. I tell her I’m here with my boyfriend and that he’s the jealous type and if she didn’t leave he didn’t care if she was a girl or not he would put her in her place. She looks at me with shocked eyes and removes herself from my space.

I see the boy from the balcony looking for someone and was headed towards the bar, I slip away just in case he’s looking for me. I weave in and out of people back onto the dance floor, keeping my eye on him. I hear him.

“Damn, that boy’s fast.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, so I was right he is looking for me. I turn around and head back towards him, that’s when he turns around and our eyes meet. He was even more beautiful close up. I couldn’t control myself before I knew it I was grabbing his wrist and taking him to a secluded area. Once I’m happy with our location I become rough with him and kiss him.

When our lips touched I felt fire inside of me, his lips were soft, plump, and sweet. I pulled away before I raped the poor boy in a public place. Thank god his phone began to vibrate I don’t know how far I would have taken it if it hadn’t been for that. I took this opportunity to walk away, if he’s a regular I’ll see him here again in the future I hope.

I walk away from him and he shouts to me, I give him my name and I ask for his, he obediently replies.

“It’s Shin.”

“Shin.” That’s a sexy name, I think I’m in love with the owner already. I turn my back and walk out of the club. “I think I’ll be having good dreams tonight, thank you Shin.” I said as I step out of the club and start heading for home.

Shin’s POV

“Takuya, with a name like that he must be a foreigner. Japan most likely. I hope he’s there tomorrow I want to see him again.” I say to myself.

I lay in my bed after coming home remembering our meeting, replaying the passionate kiss. One this is for sure he is one hell of a kisser. My heart won’t stop racing. I roll over and bury my head in my pillow screaming into it. I’m fanboying right now! This has never happened to me before it was a completely new experience and I don’t know if it’s because him or what but it was thrilling to be in a public place with a fear of being caught. “I wonder if he’s a pervert?” I ask myself. I close my eyes and try to go to sleep but all I see is Takuya and feel his lips on mine. It was going to be a long night.

The next morning I’m walking to school in a daze, I still can’t get over the events of the night before, every time I think about it I touch my lips or bite them.

“Hey Shin! What’d up bro?” Casper said as he jumped behind Shin as he was walking to class. Shin instead startled by this since Casper does it every day he’s used to his best friend’s hyperactivity.

“Not much man.” Shin replied. Casper noticed Shin seemed distant, but he knew Shin spaces out all the time so he just shrugged it off as Shin spacing out again. They walk to class talking about their weekend and after making it to class they sat at their desks.

“Hey guys we have a transfer student!” Seyoung shouts at the top of his lungs. The whole class starts chatting up a storm and getting excited. They surround Seyoung asking a million questions a minute.

“HEY calm down people, it’s just a transfer student nothing special.” Sangmin says as he finds his seat next to Casper. Casper and Sungmin give each other a high five. At that moment their teacher walks into the room and stands at the podium.

“Okay class, find your seats please so we can get started.” Mr. Choi yells to get the students attention and just like bugs the kids scatter and find their seats.

“Stand, Bow, sit down.” Jung Suk said as he is the class president. Mr. Choi quickly runs through the roster and after doing so he makes the announcement the students were waiting patiently for.

“Okay, now that everyone is here, we have a new student in our class.” Mr. Choi explains as he walks towards the door and opens it to let the new student in the room. Shin doesn’t look up as the teacher and the student walk into the room. It wasn’t until the student spoke that he looked up in surprise.

“Hello, my name is Takuya Terada, let’s get along.” Takuya bows, Shin’s mouth is open in shock. Casper notices and couldn’t but laugh at his friend, that’s when he reached over and shut his jaw for him.

Takuya looks through the room at all the new faces, and stops when he recognizes a face, his eyes grow wide, surprised that he’s going to the same school as Shin, and to be in the same class.

“Takuya, why don’t you go sit behind Shin.” Mr. Choi points to where Shin is sitting Takuya bows and walks to his seat.

“Shin, would you mind showing Takuya around after class.” Mr. Choi asks. Shin shakes his head no.

“Sure no problem.” Shine replies. With that Mr. Choi begins his lecture.

Takuya is smiling, Shin is smiling.



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