5 Fence Supplies you will Need for Installing Fence Yourself

If you do not have a fence around your house, then you should consider installing one. There are plenty of reasons to put a fence around your house. Privacy is one of the prime reasons for putting up a fence around your house. If you have pet animals, then you can keep them from running away. Also, there will be a clear demarcation of your property from your neighbor’s.

Installing a fence is not very difficult. You can do it by yourself. The most important thing while installing a fence is that you must be well-prepared with all the fence supplies. Let us look at some of the supplies that are required to put up a fence.

1) Fencing posts- They are a must to provide support to the fence. It is very important to align all the fencing posts correctly so that each fence is equidistant from each other on the property. Also, for a proper base, the post must be fitted at least one-third of their height into the earth. There are different varieties of fencing posts such as Y-post, T-posts and star post. You can choose one according to your needs.

2) Tools- There are some important tools required to build a fence. They include a post-hole digger, hammer, wire cutter, shovel, etc. You will also require a fence tensioner to make the fence proper and tight. Also, you should invest in a crimping tool as it is useful for repairing the fence.

3) Fence panels- The fences are available in panels. There are different types of fence panels such as vinyl, wood, ornamental, chain links, etc. Before ordering the fences, you must provide the correct measurements to the fence suppliers. Once you give the correct measurements of the fence, the rest of the supplies such as posts can be prepared along with the fence panels. This is very beneficial because all the supplies will be delivered to you on time.

4) Nails and Screws- You will need nails and screws to fix the fence firmly together. You can use box nails, roofing nails, or even stainless steel deck screws for better results. You must use a good amount of nails and screws and fix them properly to hold the fence in its place.

5) Paint and Waterproofing- This is very important to preserve the fence for a long time. Once the fence is fixed, you should clean and dry it thoroughly. Then put 1-2 coats of oil based primer and then high-quality exterior paint. This will make the fence waterproof and aesthetically appealing.

While installing the fence with the fence supplies mentioned above, you must take care of your own safety. You must wear all the protective gear such as goggles and gloves so that you do not get hurt while fixing the fence.

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