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This is true. Growing up, my uncle is gay but his brothers and my dad never treated him any different. He still went out hunting with them. He hung out with them like any other man. When I was in school, I was actually friends with a boy that was always with us girls and the other boys never gave him a hard time. When ever he got stuck with the boys, they treated him like one of the guys. It wasn't until I went to school off the reservation that I heard a boy calling another boy gay. And it hurt his feelings, being called that hurt his feelings. It's mainly religion that puts emphasis on gender roles. I have had many friends who are gay, lesbian, or what have you. They live their lives like anyone else does. Even now, throughout the Native American culture, you don't hear about someone getting beat up or even killed for being gay. I think it's terrible that religion can have that kind of negative impact on people. Men and women having been sleeping together since the beginning of time. Religion did not tame the chaos, it just added to the chaos and channeled it.

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