7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Romeo

If you haven't already slipped into the hole that is the Romeo fandom...welcome.

Prepare to be dragged in.

(If you have your own reasons to love Romeo PLEASE make a card and tag me too!)


1. They fangirl almost as hard as we do.

*imitates Cheer Up "SHYSHYSHY"*

*covers Cheer Up and gets way too enthusiastic*

2. They don't care about the 'idol image'


3. They get super cheesy and lovely when talking about their fans.

(fan club name: Juliet)

4. They all have a selca obsession and are super active on their Twitter.


5. Their newest single is a JAM

(as are their other songs which we'll get to soon!)

6. They go from cute to OMG in like zero seconds....

7. They're just 7 cinnamon rolls and you should love them because they love YOU.

Tagging Juliets!


(let me know if you'd like to be tagged in this event!)

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