When Hairstyles Becomes Art!

With the worldwide web you can pretty much find braids inspiration everyone but how often do we see a museum exhibition of hair gallery? I'm guessing none?

Chicago-based artist Shani Crowe just did something amazing.

She dedicated a photo exhibition entire to braids to honor African-American Women at MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts) in Brooklyn.

Regarding the recent frustration of cultural appropriation, she told refinery29,

"It’s strange when the source of your shame adopts the qualities you were shamed for, receives praise for these qualities, and is heralded as a trendsetter. Add the mistrust from centuries of pillaging and displacing millions of people from their native lands. If you have learned from experience to be wary of trusting someone, you are much less inclined to trust them with something as sacred as your culture."

I personally thinks braids are universal. Though, I also understand the frustration that people might view it different on others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perception and idea can't be controlled but it can change. Hopefully, people will be inspired by Shani Crowe's gallery exhibit.

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