This Guy Invented A HUUUGE Nerf Gun.

Mark Rober's YouTube channel is essentially what happens when a retired NASA engineer's got tech savvy and time on his hands.

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Mark just invented the world's largest Nerf gun - and it's EPIC.


And each one of this Nerf darts (made from pool foam noodles and toilet plungers) not only stick - but fly through the air at a whopping 40 MPH!


Each dart is pushed by a paintball air chamber that reserves 80 psi per shot, packing a whole lot of power - but, you know, not enough to actually hurt anybody.

You can watch this baby in action by clicked on the embedded clip above. Or even learn how to make one yourself on Mark's partner site Eclectical Engineering.

What would you guys do with a massive Nerf gun? Would you use it for fun stunts or go after your worst Nerf gun enemy?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more bizarre yet extraordinary events from the science and tech world, follow my Weird Science collection!

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