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So, .... I went through a variety of feelings and made a bunch of noises making this card... After 19 votes, I give you VIXX in Suits. Enjoy!

Dang they all look so ready to sweep you off your feet, don't they??? ASDFGHJK

Chabooty Suit game is strong. He looks so sweet and gentlemanly right?

Oh my God my bias is killing me in these suits... I'm freaking not ok... dear lord....

Ken.. so much yes. oh so very much yes.

Damn he makes these suits look good. Ravi is Ravishing ... (bad pun but so true)

BEEEAAAANNNNN!!! All I can think of is.... WHERE WERE YOU DURING MY PROM??? He's so freaking suave!

Man-Hyuk has really grown up so well. I ain't gonna lie... he's slowly creeping up my bias list... and this card gave him a little push.

Whew..... made it through? Congrats! What do you wanna see next? VIXX Funny Moments or a VIXX Gif Story: (short story using gifs) Vote below! VIXX squad:@kelseyblair@MandyNoona@JiyongLeo@AimeeH@Helixx@StefaniTre VIXX MOD TAGLIST @lilbr0wneyes@resavalencia@twistedPuppy@EmilyPeacock@kpopandkimchi@IsoldaPazo@TesneemElAlami@KristinaCaron@Mikim000@ElishaFisher@VeronicaArtino@kpopandkimchi@KhrystinaLee@YongRaviZiMon@kissofdeath316@deilig@JenGambale@goinnutz22@Sailynn@ChaErica@MaeLyn@KAddict@Annaharris1989@DominiqueWhitak@AlmaRangel@Kayto4@TaliaMay14@narutobandgeek@Bwolfgirl@mightmuffin@NathashaXavier@unnieARMkeY@RaquelArredondo@sherrysahar@LemonLassie@SindyHernandez@SusiBosshammer@sleepingyoongi@EliseB@letsloveshinee@AaliyahNewbell@JenGambale@AdiaJasinski@MahelySandoval@JessicaVang@StephanieDuong@SerenityThao@MiahCisneros@MirandaStephens@hellhoundsuccub@TaehyungV@dragonlittle@NyxSukai@MiahCisneros@GamingAirbender@NiahriTaylor@MelissaGarza@CuteBabyLay@AlyssaGelet818@SamanthaRae19@swarrier16@karinamiranda81@QueenLee@annapearlgale@EleanorKriegel@Princess2425@TerraToyaSi@KellyOConnor@kolai4@matty0203@ElleHolley@bubblekookie@sandraryan@matty0203@ChristineO84@JordanShuler@mitchix5@galaxydredre@ElenaP16@xoxorittie@KaisPrincess@DesireeChucklez@SimplyAwkward@Kyokeo@JamiMilsap@ParkKyungSoon@AgentLeo@TishForde@netchtiBates@ShinoYuki@simpsonsamantha@matty0203 (COMMENT ON THE LINK IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE TAGLIST OR REMOVED)

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