News : Kim Hyun Joong.The trial in court!

News : Kim Hyun Joong.The trial in court!!

Per articles, prosecutor's decision was made on May19 & its reported now! Bloody media control! Why now? 2wks b4 July8, civilcase courtly? Actress and singer Kim Hyun Joong side was muhyeomui appeal against the criminal complaint against the verdict figured Mr. A former girlfriend.

According to the prosecution 24 days Eastern District Attorney General's Office for crimes ranging from four, including defamation by the offense (intimidation, litigation, fraud), innocent, publication of such July last year, certain economic crimes punishment, Kim Hyun Joong is figured Mr. A against both found the muhyeomui disposal.

In response, Kim Hyun Joong's agency KeyEast side, "said the criminal complaint muhyeomui appeal judgment" on the news one day and shorter Star said position.

Kim Hyun Joong side had to appeal ruling a criminal complaint muhyeomui. © News1star DB

Kim Hyun Joong side had to appeal ruling a criminal complaint muhyeomui. © News1star DB

Meanwhile, Mr. A civil lawsuit is being filed against the Kim Hyun Joong is still in progress. Mr. A will be present at the newspaper's claim for damages 2nd anniversary argued that progress at the Seoul Central District Court next month, 8 days.


Kim Hyun Joong

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Kim Hyun Joong's agency "muhyeomui disposal.

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@ Eli10Alex 11 hours ago

we wont stop until we find justice. no matter who is behind this case that is preventing the right procedure of the investigation, no matter whose dirt is being covered by HJ's name ... we will fight till the end!

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@iamElisaxx 10 hours ago

I can't believe this .. why a person who blackmailed to another because of money is free from charges?? What kind of justice is this ?? ... Anyway .. This is not over !!! ... We will continue by KHJ 'side, fighting with him ... Henecia will not leave him! .

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@ Princessmich123 9 hours ago

I strongly support KHJ side to appeal to the Higher Court. Evidences against criminal suspect Choi are overwhelming so it is ridiculous to hear of her acquittal. People are not blind to her wongdoings. Real justice must prevail against Choi and her evil deeds. HJ, family & Attylee - Fighting!

1. Please don't get confused between criminal & civil cases.K H J appealed 2,s higher court 4 -criminal case. Civil case trial continues next court day is Jul 8

2. For criminal case, kHJ appointed a new legal counsel, 법무법인(유한) 태평양(Baez , Kim & Lee and LLC). For civil case, it has joint counsel, L

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