Hey guys!! Jiji here! :D So today@BBxGD is at Kcon NY and she's been having so much fun (thanks for keeping me updated bebe) But today, I got multiple messages, all were just "Jiji" and obviously I had to know what was up. Gotta get my kcon update. SHE HAD MET JRE AND GOT HIM TO GIVE ME A SHOUTOUT!!!!!!!

Of course I had to put it on YouTube to share with you all! I'm still SO happy. I absolutely love JRE and she got me a shoutout! Thank you JRE for doing that and thank you soooo much@BBxGD for getting this for me, you knew how badly I wanted to be there to see everyone and you really made my day. Totally makes up for being too shy to speak to him in Vegas /.\ Love you girl, and thank you again (prepare for like a million thank yous)

I'm just walking garbage at this point
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