Follow me Got7 Screen results: is JB trying to pick a fight with me?

This makes me happy. I would totally be friends with Junior!

Hey Mark ^_^ How are you doing?

Why are you looking at me like that? *very confused* Tries to defend self. "JB. Why does it have to be like this? I only wanted to be a friend."

Thank you Mark. JB is scary, Hyung. "I look forward to you protecting me."

Awe! (Bias Alert! This makes me very happy >_!) Jackson-Sshi I love you too!!! Saranghaeyo~! *Hugs him tightly*

Bambam. Why are you acting so cool? Not saying you aren't. I guess I have no choice. But I love Jackson. So I will only be your follower. No romance ^^.

Jackson... I just wanted to let you know. I also loved you this whole time. >/// *smiles cutely at him* *he smiles snaking his arm around the back of head and kisses my forehead* SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! AIGOO~

But happiness is short lived when JB gets jealous... Back to fight again JB? Wae?! Why do you keep coming near me?

Mark comes to my rescue again! Mark thank you. You are like a life saver. I will never forget your good deeds. TT^TT

So me an Junior are buddies which is pretty cool. Me and Jackson both confessed our love for eachother. JB kept trying to fight me but Mark was my savior both times. I sort of like this story ^_^. Jackson is my bias of Got7 and it made me very happy. I became Bambams follower as well XD. One of the best screenshot results I ever got. I can't help but admit this.

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