Wanted Chapter 6

Chaos walks back to the Camaro seeing Lucy and Jake were awake, “You two want to get some breakfast?” Chaos asked.“What about-” Jake started but was cut off by Chaos, “I only want information not destroy them yet and I only have to wait a few minutes for an acquaintance returns,”Jake shook his head and said, “You’re keeping a lot of information from us,” Chaos shrugs.“And you both still here,” Chaos said Jake’s mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.“Touché,” Jake said as Bianca came back running. Chaos couldn’t hide the triumph smile that lit up her face.“Thank you sweet Bianca,” Chaos said taking the folders from her before Bianca regretted her actions of helping a her. Chaos motioned Lucy and Jake to get back in the Camaro, she got in the driver seat and drove away without looking back.“Why did you do that?” Lucy asked glancing back at Bianca who coughed from the smoke when Chaos drove off.“Well for starters we were close to the Central of Intelligence headquarters which honestly is not wise. Since I don’t want to be spotted by other workers from there and I know she wouldn’t talk because she is more scare of me,” Chaos said she glances at the mirror seeing Lucy nod. Jake narrowed his eyes at the tension and said, “IHOP”Chaos nodded and drove to the nearest IHOP she could find.Chaos parked the car and followed Jake inside the IHOP since she had her eyes glued to the files Bianca got for her. They were quickly seated in a both with Lucy and Jake sitting next to each other and Chaos sitting across them.“Hello, I’m Kelly and I will be your server for today. Are you ready to order?” Kelly askedChaos didn’t miss a beat ungluing her eyes from the files to look up at Kelly who got caught in Chaos trap. “I would like chicken and waffle and chocolate milkshake. What about you two?” Chaos asked“Steak omelet,” Jake said he glances at Lucy who was griping the menu tightly for some reason which Jake had to tear out of her grip.“She will have the sampler with the eggs scrambled and two coffees please,” Jake said returning the menus back to Kelly who nodded as she wrote down their order and took the menus back, but not before giving Chaos a wink. Jake watches the exchange and how Kelly walked with a swing of her hips, “If you were in school everybody would be begging for you to have sex with them,” Jake saidChaos leans in and said, “No thank you,” he pouts and crosses his arms. Chaos glances at Lucy who was glaring at Kelly, “You okay?” Chaos asked.Lucy turns to Chaos with a smile that seemed forced by how Lucy eyes twitched, “Peachy,” she said.Aww Lucy is jealous and Chaos doesn’t see that. Jake thought looking between both girls who were paying attention to something else instead of each other. Maybe I’ll make it my mission to get my best friend and Chaos together even if it would be insane of me wanting to get her together with a woman that can kill someone in more than a hundred ways.Chaos turns a page in the folder as Kelly returned with their drinks, places them down in front of them along with hopping to catch Chaos eye. Which was hopeless since Chaos was busier reading than to look at her throwing herself at Chaos. “No wonder they were angry at me,” Chaos said grabbing Lucy and Jake attention.However, they couldn’t ask anything due to Kelly returning with their plates. “Thank you,” Chaos said Kelly could only nod as she almost came undone from having Chaos attention on her. Lucy glared at the exchange stabbing her eggs with force why do I feel angry at the waitress trying to flirt with Chaos?! Jake laughs nervously and moves slightly to avoid Lucy wraith.

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