Chained Up (Vixx FanFic)

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. My work got me busy then I started my summer school work and yeah but now I'm in the car on the way to Denver, Colorado. So yeah. Oh also I won't be posting this in Vixx community because I saw a card say that they didn't want smut in the community so I'll respect thir choice and post it in Kpop community only. Okay read on now.

Chapter 14 ************** I rubbed my hands on my jeans as I stared at the restaurant. My brother ex girlfriend contacted Master N the night before saying she wanted to have lunch with me and another person. I took a deep breathe and opened the door. I stepped inside and looked around. "May I help you?" A host wrist lady asked. "Yes I'm looking for ******" I told the lady. She nod "Right this way ma'am" I followed her to a table where my brother's ex girlfriend and a myster lady was sitting at. They were laughing and talking about who knows what. The host lady pulled out a chair for me to sit down. "******* I'm glad you made it. This is Mina your brothers real girlfriend." I looked at her. She was quite beautiful. Her hair was long brown color. Her smile was bright and her eyes light up. "Its a pleasure to meet you ******. Your brother said a lot of things about you when he was alive." "Its a pleasure to meet you too" I said to her. "Shall we order?" I looked down at the menu and picked the classic spaghetti. Our waiter took or orders and the table wet silent. "I'll be back, I need to use the ladies room." My brothers ex girlfriend said. When she left, Mina turned to me. "********, your mate is a royal too huh. The leader of the Vixx clan?" "Yes." She gave me a sweet smile. " I'm a royal too. I'm the leader of the X's clan. Your brother would of been my mate if he let me change him. Losing him in the accident was really hard for me and I can imagine it was hard on you too. Losing your parents and brother all at once. If you need anything please let me know. Here's my number." She gave me her number. "I also want to let you know that ******* isn't who she seems to be. She's dangerous and I want you to watch out. Okay" I nod. Just then my brother's ex girlfriend came up and sat down. By this time our food came and we all shared a small conversation. I walked through the door and saw Master N standing there. "Hello my little one, how was lunch?" "It was good, thank you for letting me go out." I thanked him. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me, so he was back hugging me. "You're Welcome. I know I can't keep you in this house forever and you need friends and I'm sure Mistress Mina will be a good friend to you. ******** seems a little off. Like she gives off a strange vibe." He said. I turned around in his arms and looked up at him. "Mistress Mina said that ******* doesn't seem like the person she is. She also said if I ever need anything to let her know." I said and he nod. I stared into his red eyes. I raised my hand and let my fingertips trace over the features of his face. "How can you make me feel this way without trying?" I I asked aloud as he smirked. "I guess the feeling is mutual too because I feel the same way." He said and brought his lips closer to mine and kissed me. Our kiss was heating up but he pulled back. "I can't take you as a mate yet. Not until I think the time is right. We may be sex as a master and slave relationship but I can't have sex with you as a mate until the ritual is done." He said. "Um okay" I said. He gave me a light kiss and walked off leaving me in confusion.

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