Just go chapter 9

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*1 Year later* Bobby's Pov “ Bobby you grew up with Noona right?” Donghyuk asked out of the blue while we made our way to the practice room like every other day. All eyes flew towards Donghyuk making me laugh slightly. “ Well yeah, but so did Binnie how come?” I asked with a small smile playing on my lips. “ Well I just wanted to know what she was like when she was a kid, and if she still acted the same?” He said uncomfortable shifting his gaze away from everyone as if he asked a taboo question. “ She was a real idiot.” I laughed as I elbowed Hanbin who was clearly too stiff. “ Remember the time we were playing tag, and you tripped pushing Y/n down she cried forever as you panicked.” I laughed as a small smiled spread onto his lips. “ She got me back though remember how she pushed me down a hill.” Hanbin laughed for what seemed like the first time in years as everyone looked towards him shocked. “ Yeah and she felt so bad she followed you around for weeks doing whatever you asked.” Just the thought of the memories brought joy, but quickly followed by pain. “ What about the time we thought that middle school boy was picking on Y/n when we saw her crying. I don't think I have ever seen you react so fast.” Hanbin smiled as he lightly pushed me. “ Then come to find out after jumping on the poor kid she had tripped on a rock. You guys should of seen his parents face when he pointed to the two of us 6 year old kids saying we beat him up.” I griped my sides from laughing so hard as we stepped into the room before freezing from the sight. “ Hey why are there so many cameras?” I whispered to Hanbin who seemed just as confused as the rest of us as Mino and the others entered behind us. Hanbin Pov Just minutes after we entered the room the door opens once again just as Yg made his way into the room hiding a smirk. “ I am sure you all have seen the cameras by now.” He started off the way he always does. After rambling on for a few minutes about nothing he finally got the the part we were all waiting for. “ You are going to be part of a survival program. There will be two teams, Team A and Team B. But only one of you will get to debut and be called Winner.” He stayed silent as the words finally sunk in. My world started to crumble around me as it hit me we had to compete against people we considered brothers. We had worked together, cried together, now we would be fight each other this all seemed to cruel. Not only did I lose one of the most important people in my life, now I faced the possibility of losing people I consider my brother. “ Mino since team A doesn't have a leader I will appoint you as the leader for now, And Hanbin you have been leading team B since day one keep up the good work.” Yg smiled then left the room as if he didn't just drop a bomb as we all stood there unsure what to do. Y/n Pov “ I hate you never show your face around me again. Forget you ever knew me.” Hanbin yelled before turning to run away leaving me standing there unable to move as my body crumpled to the ground as tears poured from my eyes causing my vision to blur. Next thing I knew I was standing in the rain in what looked like an old cemetery hearing the cries of people a little ways away. Unable to fight the urge to look I slowly made my way to where the sound was coming from only to wish I hadn't. For there clinging to the newly made tombstone was Bobby as tears poured from his eyes while Jinhwan tried to calm him down. “ You don't understand He is dead and isn't coming back!” Bobby yelled turning to shake Jinhwan off as his eyes met mine. “ You! How dare you show your face around here! It's your fault he is dead!” Bobby yelled as each word felt like a knife ripping into my heart. “ What do you mean who is dead Bobby what did I do?” I asked trying to figure out what on earth was going on. “ Ha of course you would be like that pretending it isn't your fault Hanbin is dead. It should have been you that died not him.” He cried falling back to the ground as the the others quickly crowded around him while glaring towards me. “ Hanbin is... No this is some horrible joke!” I yelled shaking my head as a silently scream formed on my lips. “ We never want to see you again okay I don't know what sick game you are playing, but leave us out of it.” June said glaring towards me with animosity. This couldn't be true it was just a sick joke right I thought to myself as I took off running unable to take their judging looks any longer. As my heart felt like it was going to burst I woke up with a scream as my blood ran cold from the horrible nightmare that had been haunting my every night since Donghyuk had left. “ Maybe if I call Dong he can help.” I sighed quickly dialling his number without a second thought. “ Noona why are you up so late?!” He quickly asked as soon as he answered the video chat. “ No Hi how are you? Or I miss you?” I laughed watching his face lighten up. “ Noona you know I miss you, but you are dodging the question.” He smiled derterminded to find out the answer like always. “ Just some final studying nothing to worry about, but how is Korea treating you?” I smiled quickly changing the subject as he rolled his eyes. “ Oh Noona that reminds me, we are going to be competing on a show called W.I.N and the winner gets to debut!” He all but yelled as he quickly got excited quickly rushing over the details. “ Wait that means. Oh no how are Bobby and Hanbin?” I quickly asked without explaining as his face grew confused. “ As far as I could tell they are fine why?” He tilted his head the side trying to figure out what I meant just as someone started to speak from behind him. “ She is asking because she knows us too well.” Bobby said with a sad smile as he came into view along with the others. “ It's a little scary how well she knows us to be honest.” He tried to laugh it off as all eyes landed on me. “ Well I guess I shouldn't be too worried you are still the same idiot as before.” I laughed shifting the camera just a hair, but it was enough for them to see the room. “ Noona why do you have so many pictures on the walls?” June said trying to get a better looks as I quickly moved the phone before they could see. “ I've been taking up photography here in the states isn't that right Donghyuk?” I said panicked trying to quickly think of something before Bobby noticed it was his room. “ That's right she is really amazing at it.” He thankfully caught on, but at the same time put more pressure on me. “ Guys try not to worry too much and just do your best I will be your cheering for you the whole time.” I smiled quickly getting back on subject making them laugh. “ What about Mino?” Hanbin said from the back unable to look towards me which felt like a million knives. “ Well I will be cheering for him too, but I am already Team B's biggest fan so of course I would cheer for you guys idiot.” I said trying to joke, but it came out more like I was fighting tears. “ Our biggest fan huh?” Jinhwan smiled stepping in trying to fill the awkward silence that seemed to stretch on. “ That has a nice ring to it doesn't it.” He smiled looking towards the others as the sour mood started to lift. “ Well of course I have always been you dorks biggest fan.” I smiled as we continued to talk while I quickly forgot all about the horrible dream that haunts me. “ Noona it's super late there how come you are awake?” June asked just realizing the time as all eyes flew towards me as Donghyuk only smirked as he was finally going to get his answers. “ Studying?” I tried a second time as Jinhwan erupted with laughter as everyone looked towards him confused. “ Y/n I know you better than that and you don't have to study like that to do good.” He smiled as Bobby and Hanbin quickly agreed as they gushed about every exam through out our school time together. “ Fine since you all obviously know better I can't sleep I had a nightmare.” I sighed averting my eyes as Donghyuk finally understood. “ The same one?” He quickly asked not caring about the others looking towards him for answers. “ Yeah.” Was all I was able to say still unable to look towards them as his face grew serious. “ Since when?” He quickly asked as the others were only looking between the two of us as the room grew gloomy. “ Almost a year now?” I said counting in my head how long Donghyuk had been gone as his face grew deadly serious. “ So since I came to Korea, and you are just now telling me even though we talk all the time?” He sighed without looking away clearly annoyed while everyone else was lost. “ I have been fine.” I lied as everyone looked towards me as if they just noticed the dark circles underneath my eyes. “ How often do you sleep?” Jinhwan was the first to speak as I thought for a minute before answering. “ Hmm maybe 3 hours a night, But you all get way less.” I said trying to defend myself as their gazed turned sour. “ Yeah, but just because we don't sleep much doesn't mean you shouldn't sleep do I need to call...” Donghyuk started to say just as Bobby put his hand over Dong's mouth muffling his words. “ Y/n if you can't sleep maybe one of us could sing you to sleep like I used to do when we were younger. You used to get nightmares so bad you couldn't sleep without someone singing.” Bobby smiled as I suddenly remembered laughing. “ You call that singing it sounded more like nails on a chalk board.” I smiled trying to calm myself down just as June and Jinhwan looked towards each other. “ Noona we can sing you to sleep if it will help?” June smiled as Jinhwan quickly agreed while Donghyuk handed them his phone as they walked away. “ Wait why are you going into another room?” Yunhyeong said for the first time disappointed since he wanted to hear them sing. “ You are all too loud if we want her to go to sleep we should sing in another room.” Jinhwan laughed pulling June behind him as they headed for his room. When they said they were going to sing they weren't joking they laid in Jinhwan's bed, and sang until I fell into a dreamless slumber for the first time in almost a year.

I love their voices so much so of course they had to sing Y/n to sleep. Story :@KoreanDramaMaMa@ChandraTorres@orchiofriend549@elizabeth1234@funfunbunbun@JohannaTlatench@tiffany1922@PatriciaS@MidnightMadness@ParkHwaYoung winkonic squad ♡♡♡:@IsoldaPazo@twistedPuppy@B1A4BTS5ever@Moose1998@resavalencia@vipgirl5@LocoForJiyong@JohnEvans @xxchicharitoxx@AubriePope@reyestiny93@LemonLassie@SuperJuniorelf@kennaxx@KAddict@amberg171997@KpopQueenaBee@awkwardlove23@NicoleFireRose@salo@janessaakemi@LisetteZapata@mrsjeon@swarrier16@LysetteMartinez@MrsChoiJunHong@JaiiPanda@janessaakemi@JuanitaBooRiv @punkpandabear@kikie311@GiriBoyXAOMG@xoxorittie@JewelsLouise Tagging the fam:@VatcheeAfandi99@BBXGD@LocoForJiyong@kpopandkimchi@luna1171@thepinkprincess@MsLoyalHeart@PrettieeEmm@CreeTheOtaku@Lexxcisco@MissyKim@ibMIMI@SusiBosshammer@IsoldaPazo@VeronicaArtino@sosoaloraine23@Kieuseru@twistedPuppy@ElleHolley@AaliyahNewbell@EmilyGardner@JessWang90@kpopINT@AubriePope@Moose1998@obiterdictum@ivyheart13@AimeeH@VIPFreak2NE1@AbbyRamey@MisaAmane@StefaniTre@LinnyOk@KaeliShearer@ChaHakyum@BluBear07@Starbell808@imiebegay14@Mercedesbenz98@JustinaNguyen@Dabaesaplayer@mrsyookihyu@Sunnydaebak@YongRaviZiMon@MaricelvaRomero@InnocentiaKishi@PassTheSuga@DeniseiaGardner@divanicola05@EXOAsf@Stephany123@MelissaGarza@xxchicharitoxx@Defy24601@JackieG1617@RaquelArredondo@karinamiranda81@HerosBells@Kitty17@kpowell@ChelseaGarcia@mrsjeon@bubblekookie@SharayahTodd@aliahwhbmida@Dabaesaplayer@swarrier16@JohnEvans @mrsyookihyun@elainarenea Ikonic fam:@Jinnyrod3@resavalencia

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