Mr. Secret

Ch. 3

Takuya takes a seat on the farthest bed in the infirmary, Shin looks for the first aid kit.

“Found it!” Shin says as he walks back towards Takuya. Shin pulls up a chair and opens the kit, he cleans and disinfects Takuya’s arm. Takuya is watching him with a smile.

“Aish.” Takuya winces suddenly pulling his arm away.

“Sorry.” Shin replies. Shin takes Takuya’s arm back and gently continues his work.

Takuya just shakes his head. “It just stung a little is all.” Takuya said.

Shin finished with disinfecting and bandaging up Takuya’s arm.

“There.” Shin said with a smile while looking at his work. Takuya looked at his arm and was impressed with Shin’s nursing skills.

“Maybe I should get hurt more often if this is the kind of treatment I’ll be receiving.” Takuya said with a wink. Shin smiles at him while putting things away and closing the kit. Shin walks over to the shelf and tries to put it up but is unable to reach it. That’s when Shin felt someone behind him.

Takuya reaches his hand and grabs the kit and placing it on the shelf. His body close to Shins. Shin drops his head down and bites his lip, he can feel the taller male’s breath on his neck. As Takuya brings his hand down his hands warp around Shin pulling him close and holding him, while Takuya’s lips find Shin’s neck. Takuya brushes his lips across his neck before he kisses the spot. Shin’s neck moves so Takuya has an opening to kiss his neck. Shin’s head falls on Takuya’s chest as he feels his body beginning to melt at Takuya’s warmth and touch.

Shin clears his throat.

“We need to get back to class.” Shin says between breathes. Takuya just nods his head, and rests his chin on Shin’s shoulder.

“Your right we should go, but can I hold you just for a moment longer?” Takuya said. Shin smiles before he turns around to face Takuya. Shin’s starring into Takuya’s eyes.

“Do you want to kiss me?” Takuya asked. Shin nods his head, this made Takuya smile as he leans in to kiss Shin.

They’re in the heat of the moment and forget where they are. Shin slides his right hand down and touches Takuya, he can feel his erected member through the pants, Shin wants to feel him.

“Let me touch you.” Shin asks, Takuya nods his head.

“Please do.” Takuya responds with a smile.

Shin kisses Takuya again as he slides his hand into Takuya’s pants. As Shin starts to stroke and pump Takuya’s erection, Shin feels Takuya’s hand moving under his pants and grab Shins erection and he sync’s his hand movements with Shins. They both moan deeply together, when all of a sudden they hear something. They hear some kids outside of the infirmary, they hope the kids are just walking by. They both remove their hands from each other’s crotches and pull away from each other.

Shin pulls back the curtain. The nurse looks at them surprised to find someone was in the infirmary.

“I didn’t know anyone was in here.” The nurse said.

“I hurt myself in PE, and Shin helped me take care of it.

“Okay, well you two need to get back to class.” The nurse said.

“Yes ma’am.” The boys reply, they place their hands over their crotches just in case there still erected penises where noticeable. They quickly walk out of the infirmary, chuckling on the way out.

“OMG I can’t believe we just did that.” Shin says. “I don’t know what came over me, I just felt the urge to touch you and I couldn’t help myself.” Shin explains. Takuya chuckles at how cute Shin can be.

“Same for me. I wanted you so bad. This could be dangerous.” Takuya stated. Shin looks at him confused.

“Dangerous?” Shin asks. Takuya nods his head.

“Yeah, I may want to take you at any time anywhere, I won’t care. I’ll give into my urges.” Takuya confesses. Shin thinks for a moment.

“Yeah I can see where that could be dangerous, I feel the same way, from now on let’s try to control ourselves.” Shin said as he patted Takuya on the back. The boys make it back to the class grab their clothes and quickly change so they’re not late for the next class.

The rest of the day went smoothly, both boys were in great moods because of their little activity earlier in the infirmary.

“Well, I guess I’ll catch you boys tomorrow.” Casper said as he waved goodbye to Shin and Takuya.

“Where do you live?” Shin asked. Takuya gives Shin his address. Shin’s surprised to find their neighbors.

“We can walk home together, and walk to school together.” Shin says like an excited school girl. Takuya laughs. Takuya loves how he’s always laughing with Shin, it makes him feel good to be around such an energetic happy person.

The boys finally reach Takuya’s house.

“Here it is home sweet home.” Takuya stated. Shin looks over at the house.

“Oh, we really are neighbors, my house is next door. Where’s your room?” Shin asked. Takuya points to the window on the left, An evil smirk crosses Shin’s face.

“I hope you keep your window covered or I might become a peeping tom.” Shin winks and sticks his tongue out. Takuya laughs.

“I’m guessing the window across from mine is yours then. This could be interesting.” Takuya said with a wink.

“You wanna come in?” Shin asks. Takuya nodded his head.

“Sure.” Takuya replies and follows Shin across the street and into his house. Shin punches in the house code for his house and the boys walk in.

“I’m home.” Shin calls out, but there’s no response, which made him happy he knew he was home alone. They take their shoes off and put slippers on.

“Do you want a drink?” Shin asks. Takuya nods his head yes.

“Sure, that sounds good.” Takuya replies.

Shin walks forward then turns the corner on the right into the kitchen grabs two glasses and fills them with water. Takuya walks around the living room looking at young pictures of Shin.

“Ah, he was even cute as a kid.” Takuya mumbles to himself.

“Was I?” Shin whispers in Takuya’s ear. Takuya turns quickly almost hitting Shin who quickly steps back. Shin hands Takuya his water and walks over to the couch, Takuya follows and sits next to him.

Shin was about to ask Takuya something when the front door opens. In comes his step brother.

“AISH! Seriously man!” Yongseok walked into the kitchen to get something to drink stopping and throwing things around. Yongseok was so absorbed in his fit he didn’t notice his brother or his brother’s friend until Shin said something.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Shin asks, Yongseok jumps out of his skin when he hears a voice, he turns around to see Shin and another boy sitting on the couch.

“Hyung! I didn’t see you.” Yongseok explains. Yongseok looks over to Shin’s friend.

“I’ll talk to you later; you have a guest.” Yongseok says before he walks up the stairs to his room.

Shin and Takuya look at each other and shrug their shoulders.

“He’s cute.” Takuya said. Shin’s eyes grow big.

“He’s a big baby and rude.” Shin said with a scoff. Takuya was laughing at Shin.

“Do I make you laugh that much?” Shin asks. Takuya nods his head.

“Yeah, your just too cute. And I feel really comfortable around you.” Takuya admits. Shin fans himself and acts like a diva.

“I know all the men are attracted to me.” Shin says while sticking his tongue out and giving Takuya a wink.

“Oh okay.” Takuya replied with laughing and he moves closer to Shin.

“But you don’t want anyone else, you just want me?” Takuya says in a seductive voice. Shin moves his head away, taking a big gulp while nodding his head. At that moment Yongseok starts to come back down the stairs and both Takuya and Shin shoot away from each other faster than the speed of light. Shin slides off the couch and quickly stands up. Takuya looks at him with his hand over his mouth holding his laugh. Shin grabs his glass from the table and starts heading to the kitchen.

Takuya stands up grabs his bag and heads towards the door. “I’m going to head home; I need to cook dinner for my mother.” He explains, Takuya waves to Shin, who had a pouty face showing as he waved bye.

“See ya tomorrow.” Shin shouts. Takuya bows his head to Yongseok as he passes by him, and Yongseok does the same.

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