Chained Up (Vixx FanFic)

Chapter 16 ************** ~Persons p.o.v~ "My lady, it has been done." He said as I sat on my mates lap drinking a glass of blood. I smiled. "Good you may be dismissed." He bowed to me and left the room. "Why must you do this. What has she ever done to you?" My mate asked. I looked at him and smiled "She did nothing but got in the way. Same with her brother. I got sick of them and wanted them gone." "Like how you did with your parents and your old mate?" He asked. My smile disappeared and I reached for his throat. "You will never mention them ever again. Do you understand me." I hissed and let him go. I got up from his lap and walk out of the room. ~ N p.o.v~ I left her at the bar with Xiumin as I followed Beakhyun to Suho. We walked in the back room. Where Suho, Lay, Luhan and Tao were waiting for us. Beakhyun went to stand behind Suho. "Hello N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk. What can I help you with?" We sat down on the couch. "I need all the information you have on Anala Park?" I asked. "Anala Park, hmm from what I know is that her parents made a deal with a man for her to become his mate when she turned of age. She was fake dating a human who was a mate of Mina Choi. But he died in a car accident along with his parents. The council are still putting pieces together as of why her mate and his clan, her parents and her fake boyfriend all died. We haven't been able to capture Miss Anala yet. But when we do, its years of jail time in the human and supernatural." "Hmm and if we can bring Anala to you then what?" He was about to say something when the door busted open. Xiumin, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Jongdae all came in. Xiumin was covered in blood. When I looked in his arms my whole world stopped. My love, my mate, My little one was bleeding from a knife wound and had a wooden stake in her chest. "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL HAPPENED!!!" I rushed to her as we placed her on the couch. "She went to the restroom and some lady came to me in a panic mode telling me that a lady was stabbed in the restroom. We don't know what happened." "WHY DIDN'T YOU FUCKING GO WITH HER!!! I PUT HER UNDER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!!" I was about to rip his head off when Leo and Ken were holding me back. Jongdae and them circled around Xiumin to make sure that if I get out of my brothers grip that they can protect Xiumin. "Lay look at her" Suho said. Lay moved towards her. "She's losing too much blood. We need a doner. I can take the stake out with no problem and heal her wounds but with so much blood lost. We need a mate to save her." "There's one more thing too. I suggest turning her into a vampire so she can heal faster. And also preform the mate ritual. But that is all up to you. If not then she has a slim chance of living" He said. I dropped to my knees. I was devastated that it all had to came into this. We barely started and now I was going to lose her. I picked myself up and kneeled down next to her. I caressed her hair. I couldn't turn her not yet. I wanted to cry and murder the person who did this to her. I clenched my fist. I walked to the door but was stopped. "HakYeon?" Ken said holding my wrist. "Please? Don't do anything stupid." He plead. I shook him off. "Get a human blood doner for now and once this is over I'll save her." I said and left with them calling after me. I got into my car and took out my phone as speed out of the parking lot. "Hello?" The voice said. "Mina, I need you?" "What's wrong?" She asked. "I'll explain when I get there." I hanged up. I speed across the street roads. I knew where Mina lived and it only took minutes to get there. When I ranged the door bell, a good looking man opened the door. "May I help you?" He asked. He was more buff then me. "Shownu let him in, he's here to talk to me." Shownu opened te door wider and stepped aside for me to enter. Mina walked into a study room. "Now Master N its been a long time since I last seen you. What can I help you with? You have a lot to explain" "Do you know where Anala lives?" I asked hoping she knew. She studied me and got all the information she needed. "So your mate was attacked and your out for revenge. I do too believe that Miss Anala was behind your mate's attack. She was too behind my mate's and his parents car accident. She never knew that I was a soul reader. But lets not get haste N. I'll give you the information on her and I'll go make sure your mate will live. Another boy came in with a paper. He handed it to her. "Thank you Kihyun" he bowed to her and left the room. I took the paper that she held out for me. I got up from the chair and headed out. "N?" She called out for me. I turned to look at her. "Go kill her ass for me too."

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