Romeo Day 25: Romeo MV Appreciation day

Lol sorry guys for being late. Yesterday was so hectic and then forgot about. Especially since now a days my grandmother is having to stay with us. But enough about me and my life. Let's talk about these amazing MVs the lovely ROMEO have made since debut

LOVESICK - May 6, 2015 This was their debut mv that gave them lots of love.

Target - November 4, 2015 This one is one of my personal favorites especially since it came out just a couple of days before my birthday.

Nightmare - May 22, 2016 I know I didn't have any after seeing this.

Miro - June 22, 2016 Their newest mv who included SHINEE Minho. He was here to give them moral support for having debut in a company founded by SMTOWN.


So which one of these are your favorites? Because I know I love Target and Miro. @kpopandkimichi@EwSeungkwan

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