Butterfly Chapter 1 (True Blood FanFiction)

*I don't own True blood this is only a fanfiction. I own Lán dié which is a character I made up.*

A little background on Lán dié:

She was raised by a vampire who made her home in bamboo forest in China. She didn't know where the little girl came from and only a blue butterfly flutter near her. Which was the name the vampire gave her, she raised her as her own child and never drank from her. The vampire shared her knowledge with Lán dié along with teaching her how to defend herself for when she was not around to protect her. The vampire spent most of her time researching a way to go outside during the day and be with Lán dié. She succeed on finding a medicine that would allow her to walk during the day.

Lán dié was present when she was wrote it done and was making it, however, she didn't get to finish the medicine when their home was attacked by vampires who wanted to get their hands on the medicine. The last words she told Lán dié before facing ten vampires by herself was "Find Godric."

'How I have forgotten the warm of a new day,' Godric thought, but he was interrupted from dying by a red paper umbrella shielding the small rays of sunlight that were starting to peak through the sky. "Don't die yet, Godric," Lán dié said her delicate voice freezing Godric on the spot.


Lán dié attention was on Godric who she stood behind off, "Your child is calling you," Lán dié said. He used his vampire speed to return back down with his child right behind him. She turned to face a blond hair girl who came with Godric child, she was staring intensive at Lán dié who smiles as she made her way toward the girl who was render speechless.

However, her mind raised which made questions making Lán dié giggle and said, "I'll answer your questions as best I can, but can we eat something before?" the blond girl nodded and lead the way down. Lán dié closed her umbrella before going inside the hotel. Lán dié eyes wandering around the surroundings she has never seen before along with being aware how the staff stared at her. She didn't mind knowing that she stood out by both her clothes and appearance.

They both in the elevator.

"I'm Sookie Stackhouse. Thank you for stopping Godric from killing himself," Sookie said

"Bù kèqì which means your welcome. My name is Lán dié," she said

"I'll go on a limb here and guess Chinese?" Sookie asked

Lán dié smiles, "Shì,"

Sookie couldn't resist returning the smile, she blinked as a blue butterfly flew by her making her question if it was real or an illusion.

The doors of the elevator opened revealing a man bleeding from his ears and eyes. Sookie grasped next to Lán dié who guessed she knew him.

"Oh, Bill you need to sleep now," she said an exited the elevator pulling the vampire with her completely forgetting about Lán dié.

'He is her lover,' she thought stepping out of the elevator too.

She lifted her hand allowing the blue butterfly to land on her open palm.

"Please lead the way to Godric," she said to the blue butterfly who took air and lead the way in the same direction Sookie took.

'They know each other,' she thought watching how the butterfly landed on the door knob which opened for Lán dié. She entered the dark room only the blue glow of the butterfly wings showed her the bed Godric was sleeping in next to his child. Who hugged him in fear that Godric would leave him.

"So I have to wait. Hmm I hope you are trustworthy Godric just like Mǔqīn said," Lán dié said

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