I know I'm not the only one who thinks this😍🤗😝

For those who watched Dmmd (dramatical murders) and ship other characters on the show, at first I shipped Noiz and Koujaku, but then I thought Noiz and clear was perfect. Now I'm a big yaoi fan basically a fujoshi and I'm a BIG action fan, when one punch man came out I got addicted and that's when I saw my favorite character the one and only "Genos" and I thought he was smoking hot then when I thought about it.

• Noiz is 19 same age as Genos currently now • Noiz didn't give up on trying to settle things with aoba in rhyme, Genos didn't give up trying to figure out what's the secret to saitama power. • Noiz has piercings and Genos do only on his ears • Noiz and Genos looks alike good looking • Noiz is rich and as seen in a episode of opm, Genos asked saitama can he stay there, saitama didn't agree at first until a big stack of rent money was layed on the table, there's a possibility that Genos was rich.

• Clear can sing as well as Genos can sing too • Clear calls aoba master and Genos calls saitama sensei/master • Clear is a robot and Genos is too • Clear is good looking so is Genos • Clear looks up to his grandpa/professor and Genos looks up to his grandpa/professor as seen they were both saved from terrible situations.

He's a house wife😍☺️😂 alright well I'm done for today tell me in the comments what do you think

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