Tips on Getting the Softest, Natural Looking Curls

One of the biggest struggle of curling your hair is getting it to look like effortless. If you don't want to walk out look like curly fries you have a couple of things to keep in mind.

1. Know the barrel size.

Don't know which heating tool to use? A . Refer to this chart to see what curls you can create with flat iron or curling wands.B. Here is a cheatsheet for curling wands wrapping technique.

2. Curl in Sections.

The best way to curl your hair is to divide them into sections and work layer by layer.

Here's the trick to get natural curls no matter what curling tool you use: Wrap the sections of hair around the tool. Then, leave about two inches off the end. For those of you using a curl wand, start two inches from the bottoms. The goal is to leave the ends straight.

Why? Usually, too much curls on the ends will make your hair appear shorter and more 80's salon style coifs!

3. Don't Over Use Hair Products!

how to layer hair products

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