Throwback Thursday: 80s Perm

Remember early this week I shared a quick tip on how to get your curls to look natural and effortless? Guess what? It looks like Blake Lively is breaking the trend and trying to make the 80's coif a thing.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Reynolds got a perm. Yes, it's not surprise that everything looks good on her. I'm literally having a 80s flashback right now, so it's only appropriate I resurface the biggest icons from the Funky Town era.

Louis Miller (Robyn Livley) form "Teen Witch".

Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) from "When Harry Met Sally".

Hilary O'Neil (Julia Roberts) from "Dying Young."


This one is not actually taken from the 80s, but Sarah Jessica Parker is notorious for her big curls.

Well, if you ever think the 80s perm is outdated. Stare. She'll talk you out of it. ;)

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