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Yoongi with his tum out!♡

Asian fanficsWattpadBut anyway I will tell you some stories I like from there so far and some I have read or currently still reading! Most of them are smuty :) lol

My Secretary




The Doctor

MyChapter(Seventeen reference)BTOBEXOSeo In Guk

Alrighty! So have anyone of you read any of these wonderful fanfics before?? If so, which one is your favorite? & What do you think about the story? If you haven't read any of these before, I recommend for you to read these! :) They are great fanfics!

Btw I have a asian fanfics account! it's

》mikadoll 《 I haven't made any fanfics on there yet but I will one day :) Do you guys have an account? If so, did you make any fanfics on there? because I want to read them :)

That is all. ♡

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