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Episode 5~

“Hey,” you hear behind you. You turn your head and instantly notice the bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Hey,” you respond, not taking your eyes off the flowers.

“What are you up to?” he closes the door behind him and removes his shoes, all while without letting go of the flowers.

<<Oh crap, oh crap. Act cool, act cool. He doesn't know you're on to him....>>

He smiles, “nothing much either, just enjoying the nice sunshine.”

You nod your head, “Cool..... flowers you got there.”

<<Damnit, why did you have to bring it up?! Aishh I'm such an idiot!>>

He blushes and raises the flowers to observe them, “yeah, they caught my eye and somehow convinced me to bring them home....” his voice trails off as his cheeks tell another story. “I love flowers.”

“Me too,” you smile, touched by his sweet train of thought. You set your things on the side and stand up, walking over to him to take the flowers in your hands in order to inhale their sweet scent.

He beams at the flowers,“You think so? I've seen more gorgeous ones.”

You giggle, rubbing one of the petals gently with your fingers, “Enlighten me with where and when.”

He looks up at you and catches your gaze, “uhm....”

A loud rapid knock on the door makes the both of you jump. Homie runs to the door and starts barking.

“Who could that be?” Tae-Yang heads over and peeks into the small peephole, smiling as he pulls back and opens the door. “What is this?”

All four members pour in, greeting Tae-Yang warmly.

“We've decided to have dinner together and last time I checked, it was your turn to host,” Ji-Yong grins.

“Oh really?” Tae-Yang chuckles.

“Hyung! Are those flowers for me? You shouldn't have! How did you know I liked flowers?” Seung-Ri beams, grabbing the bouquet from Tae-Yang and inhaling deeply.

“Gross Seung-Ri, you're going to cover them with germs and something worse,” TOP teases.

Dae-Sung laughs then turns to you and greets you with his famous eye smile, “Fancy meeting you here. Hope you don't mind us coming over.”

You smile back, “of course not. You're BigBang. I shouldn't be a reason for you guys not to come over.”

“Whoo! Let's turn up then!” Seung-Ri cheers,waving the bouquet in the air.

Tae-Yang snatches the flowers from Seung-Ri just as TOP turned to smack the maknae in the back of the head.

Ji-Yong picks up Homie and starts kissing his head, speaking to the wrinkly dog with a wide grin on his face.

“Settle in the living room while I go set things up for dinner,” Tae-Yang says over his shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen with the bouquet of flowers.

You glance over at TOP just in time to catch him wiggle his eyebrows at you and flicker his eyes over to the kitchen for you to catch the hint that he was thinking about Tae-Yang.

<<Crap. If I stay here, I'll get harassed by him, maybe all the members if he told them.>>

Tae-Yang looks up and sees you approaching as he finishes putting the flowers in a vase.

“Do you need help with dinner?” You ask, scooping up the trimmed stems and dumping them in the trash.

A faint blush paints over his cheeks as he smiles, “if you want to, that would be great.”

<<Aishh, don't blush! It makes my heart tingly!>>

Tae-Yang pulls out the ingredients and explains to you the course he had in mind. You help him by setting up the side dishes while he tackled the main course.

Your chemistry working together attracted the interest of the other members. They stood and watched you and Tae-Yang slide past each other, communicating about how dishes tasted, which stuff was completed compared to what still needed to be prepared, and about handing each other certain utensils. All while avoiding running into each other.

“I have to admit hyung. You two look like you've done this a million times,” Dae-Sung laughs.

“Kind of looks like some time of choreography if you ask me,” TOP grins.

Tae-Yang chuckles. You glance up and see his face turning pink with color.

“G-go settle d-down at the table,” Tae-Yang responds.

The members head to the dining table while you help Tae-Yang carry dishes from the kitchen to their spot, setting it up as if they were at a traditional Korean restaurant.

“This looks amazing hyung! You always were my favorite cooks!” Seung-Ri beams.

Tae-Yang pulls out the chair for you then pushes you in when you take a seat. You note someone starting at you and turn to catch TOP wiggling his eyebrows at you once again while flickering his eyes over to Tae-Yang.

“I couldn't have done it without the extra chef in the kitchen,” Tae-Yang chuckles. “Let's eat well, shall we?”

Jokes are shared, stories are told, and you laugh harder than ever before, getting teased by all five members when you start to snort as you gasped for air.

“So, hyung.” Seung-Ri began. Tae-Yang looked up at him. “I heard you were sick lately.”

Tae-Yang flushed brightly, “Y-yeah.”

You roll your eyes, remembering the lie.“Real sick. On his death bed basically.”

Tae-Yang presses his lips into a thin line and lowers his head.

“Really? How did you recover so quickly hyung?” Dae-Sung grins.

Tae-Yang clears his throat, “I got some good medicine from Ji-Yong.”

TOP smirks, “Medicine? What kind of medicine? I'm curious to know your secret to great health.”

Tae-Yang looks up, adverting his eyes anywhere but in your direction. “Ji=Yong uh... he um.... Ji-Yong-”

“I beat the crap out of you for scaring this poor girl so bad she called me bawling, saying that you were dying!”

The others burst into laughter the moment Ji-Yong snapped. Tae-Yang lowers his head to keep them from noticing his bright red cheeks.

<<At least I know they will keep in check from now on.>>

After a bit of teasing, the members raise up and help clean up, piling the dishes in the sink and making Tae-Yang wash them by himself as punishment for his cruel joke on you.

You share a few more laughs with them until they start heading towards the door to leave. You bow goodbye and thank them for looking out for you like a sibling, sensing Tae-Yang catch on what you meant by the way his cheeks tinted in color again.

“Well that was fun, don't you think?” he sighs after closing the door.

You wonder into the living room and settle down on the couch. Tae-Yang follows after you and sits on the other side of the couch.

“What a nice way to unwind,” he says, turning to you with a smile.

You raise an eyebrow at him and stand up.

“Where are you going?” he asks, leaning forward as if preparing to stand up too.

You hold your hand out to stop him from moving. “I'm still mad at you.”

His face falls, “Oh.... I thought-”

“You thought I'd forgiven you so easily? No. That was too cruel of a joke, sorry.”

He proceeds to get up and take a step towards you but you manage to stop him with your hands again.

“I'm sorry, really, from the bottom of my heart. What can I do to show you that I mean it?”

You step around him and call out to Homie to follow, ignoring Tae-Yang completely as you make your way to the bedroom and close the door.

Over the next few days, you manage to slowly ease into the new office and work under the condition of keeping the door open in case you started to feel claustrophobic.

When you'd begin to feel the anxiety creep up, you'd stop working and head down to the dance studio to get your thoughts back on track.

“Ah, there you are. I was actually going to send someone to fetch you for this,” the choreographer chuckles as you poke your head in the doorway to see what the trainees were doing.

“Really? What routine is it?”

“Ringa Linga!” One of the trainees cheers.

You grin, remembering the song that started stated the dance off between you and BigBang.

“Do you have time? I'll need you to guide them through it since you know it so well,” the choreographer smirks.

You giggle, “of course, I'd love to.”

The beat begins, fueling up your excitement as the bass dropped into the smooth beat with Tae-Yang's voice filling the room.

You let your body loose and pull out the steps to the choreography as if you were actually preforming on stage and close your eyes to let the song flow through you.

“Ringa-linga-ring, ringa-linga-ring.”

You open your eyes and see Tae-Yang dancing beside you, syncing with your steps as he continued to sing until the song ended.

The trainees clapped and cheered for an encore.

“What do you say? What other songs of mine do you know?” Tae-Yang smiles brightly.

Your cheeks start to burn, “all of them.”

He chuckles and looks away to hide his own burning cheeks. “Ah, I see. Then how about this one?”

You watch as Tae-Yang held up a number to the choreographer to signal a certain song to play. Only Look At Me begins pour out of the speakers. You giggle at the pleasant surprise when he begins to sing and follow his lead in the choreography, even continuing the routine while he paused to walk around and sing his heart out to the song. Your lips move silently with the lyrics but your body spoke the message of the song loudly until it finished.

Once again, everyone cheered. The choreographer quickly takes over before another encore is encouraged and dismisses the trainees for a break, leaving you alone with Tae-Yang in the dance studio.

“You dance really well. How did you learn?” he asks, smiling with his eyes.

“By watching you guys and other idol groups preform. I practiced the routine at home....” you confess, embarrassed by your confession.

“So technically, I taught you?” he chuckles playfully.

You roll your eyes, fighting the urge to smile along. “ Just because I danced with you right now doesn't mean I've forgiven you so easily.”

His smile disappears in a flash. “Why not? I'm serious, please tell me what I can do to make up for it.”

You shake your head, “I should get going. Thanks for the practice, oppa.”

“W-wait!” he calls out to you as you walk out of the studio and rush into the elevator.

<<Think he can smoothly dance his way to forgiveness? Aishh. I can't let him sneak up on me like that.>>

The annoyance you built up after that fueled the urge to focus on the documents and get things accomplished.

You come home after Dae-Sung offered you a ride, to an apartment smelling sweet as soon as you open the door. Tae-Yang appears quickly after Homie runs over to greet you.

“You're home! You should have called me, I would have picked you up.” Tae-Yang grins.

“Thanks but I didn't want to bother you,” you reply without looking up at him and remain giving love to the overly excited puppy.

“Oh. Well, dinner is almost ready and-”

“No thanks oppa. I had a late lunch, I'm not hungry.”

You leave him standing there and head to your room, changing out of your work clothes and pulling out your laptop to watch dramas without having to go out to the living room.

Homie scratches your door. You get up and let him in, leaving the door lightly ajar for him to come and go as he pleased.

The days progressed with Tae-Yang continuing to offer you dinner, even going out of his way to bring you a snack when you're staying up late to finish a paper in the dining room.

He sits down across from you with a shy smile on his lips, pushing the small cup of tea towards you and the little packet of cookies.

You glance up quickly from the computer screen the drop your eyes back down. “Go to sleep oppa.”

Tae-Yang leans forward and rests his head on his hands. “You shouldn't be up either. It's not good for your health.”

You roll your eyes, “go to bed oppa.”

Tae-Yang scoots back and stands up, “fine, but don't stay up too long either.”

<<Aishh. He's so sweet. Maybe I should tone it down and just forgive him.>>

“Ah ha!”

You jump at the sound of Tae-Yang's voice in the room again and quickly set the cup down.

“You just wanted me to leave so I wouldn't see you give in!”

You glare at him, “so you're saying you set me up, again?”

He stops with wide eyes, “n-no.” His cheeks turn pink in color.

You get up and close your laptop. “You know what? I was actually thinking about forgiving you after all the cute things you've been doing to make up for it but now I see that you don't really mean your apology at all.” You step around him and head straight towards your room to close the door.

Tae-Yang knocks on your door, “Darling please, I really am sorry.”


You jerk the door open, making him flinch when he sees you. You stare at him for the longest moment then stick your tongue out at him and close the door with the lock.

Tae-Yang banks on the door again. “Yaah! Open the door! I'm not going to play nice if you don't open the door immediately and talk to me about this!”

You turn off the light s and climb into bed, listening to Tae-Yang shuffles around until the shadow underneath the bed disappears.

<<That'll teach him. I thought he was suppose to be sweet and bashful.... What is this?>>

Encounters with Tae-Yang afterwards were filled with him blushing brightly before running to took the other way, leaving you confused but with a smile seeing him flustered around you once again.

He didn't try anything at home and stayed out of your way whenever you'd run into each other in the kitchen, or even the hallway.

<<Did he give up so soon? Or is he just plotting something? Like trying to make me feel guilty?>>

You finish early at work several days later and catch a ride with Seung-Ri.

“Can you tell Young-Bae hyung that we'll be waiting for him at Dae-Sungie's place?” he asks as you climb out. “He isn't answering his phone.”

You raise an eyebrow, “he didn't go to work today?”

Seung-Ri shakes his head.

“Okay, will do.” you wave goodbye and head inside once Seung-Ri took off.

Homie barks at you the moment he sees you walking in.

“Hey boy,” you smile.

“Oh, you're home.... early.”

You look up and instantly feel every once of blood rush to your face.

Tae-Yang stood in the middle of the living room, drenched in sweat while a pair of shorts hung loosely off his sculpted his.

You stare at him, unable to move like a paralyzed animal, taking in his godly-like figure.

“U-um.... y-yeah”

Tae-Yang looks down to follow your gave and notices his bare skin. “S-sorry, I was working out.” He says, smiling shyly.

You swallow hard. “I-I see. Uh Seung-Ri s-said that- um.” You swallow hard again, watching Tae-Yang's eyebrow shoot up. “Seung-Ri s-said to call him.”

“Did he now?” Tae-Yang steps closer to you, smirking from ear to ear.

<<Crap, crap crap!>>

“You know,” he sighs, rolling his shoulders back to flex his pectorals.

You tune out his words and watch the way his bare skin glistened under the lighting, following individual droplets of sweat roll down between the indentations of his muscles.

<<Is this why they warn you not to get too close too the sun? Because you'll get thirsty and die due to the exposure?>>


Your eyes shoot back up at his mischievous grin. “W-what was that?”

Tae-Yang licks his lips slowly without breaking eye contact.

<<I need to get out of here before I melt on spot!>>

“I said-”

Homie backs, making you tear your attention from Tae-Yang and towards the puppy instead.

“Homie!” you cheer. “Come here boy, let's take a nap together okay?”

<<Holy crap that was close!>><<If I wouldn't have left, I would have caved at his feet. Died possibly.>>

As your heart beat settles down into a stable rhythm, you close your eyes and pull out the image of the shirtless Tae-Yang smiling to you just as you doze off.

Homie wakes you up with his kisses, making you giggle as you stir awake. “I'm up, I'm up.”

He jumps off the bed and scratches your door to get your attention. You open it and step out, listening closely to the sounds of the apartment for any evidence of Tae-Yang still roaming around.

<<He left....>>

<<Nope, nope, nope!>>

You rush to the living room and switch on the television to fill the apartment with noise, then take out your phone and scan through your music to distract yourself even more as you wonder into the kitchen and pull things together for dinner.

Miraculously, Good Boy comes on, making you fangirl while dancing along with the choreograph.

“Baby where you at?!” You yell loudly into the refrigerator.

“Well I'm certainly not in there,” Tae-Yang chuckles from behind you.

You yelp at his sudden presence, sinking down into a squat to hide your bright red face in your knees.

Tae-Yang chuckles again, “I'm surprise you didn't hear me come inside.” He stands you up, smiling brightly with his eyes when you look at him.

“How long were you watching?” you say in a soft voice.

“Not long, just got back,” he grins.

I Need A Girl begins to play.

“Ah, perfect!” Tae-Yang grabs your hand and starts singing to you as the verse began. You stand there frozen into the ground with a dorky smile taking over your face.

Tae-Yang twirls you around, his breath tickling your ear. You giggle as you give into the temptation and start to respond by dancing along with him.

“Beautiful,” he smiles when the song ends.

An add comes on, making the two of you laugh shyly at the unexpected awkwardness.

“I should finish-”

“I've been wanting to talk to you.”

You two start at each other and laugh shyly again.

“I'm sorry you-”

“You can speak first.” You interrupt him this time, mirroring his bright blush.

He clears his throat. Stay With Me starts to play on cue. He smiles and instantly looks down to take your hand in his as he sings to you with passionate vocals.

As the song played on, he pulls you closer and closer until his arms wrap around you and his voice harmonizes in your ear. His hold tightens when the song climaxes, causing you to wrap your arms around him too.

Tae-Yang takes a deep breath when the song ends and pulls back to look at you. “Don't think that I'm doing this because of my childish act and think I just want forgiveness. No. As much as I deserve it, it's been killing me that I made your cry because I was too much of a coward and used an excuse to keep you here. I should have asked you directly to stay. I should have skipped over the excuse and just followed my heart. I should have confessed long ago and told you how I felt about you. So now, whether you feel the same or not after what I did, I'm here to ask you to stay with me because I love you.”


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