Spoiler Monday: Fairy Tail Ch.491

Today's chapter was sort of like a breather after everything that has happened up until this point...

Hiro pulled a Naruto with Lady Eileen's eye ability... I thought it was cool she did that.... And omg her encounter with Erza is coming really soon!! I hope it's in the next chapter!!

I'm still so happy Gajeel isn't dead!! And we got it confirmed by Zera!!! But they really need to head back to the guild to help Mavis!!! Next chapter is called "Elder Sister and Younger Sister".. I wonder if that has anything to do with Erza and Eileen? But who knows.. I still feel like she's Erza's mother...

I thought today's chapter was okay nothing too over the top but a much needed break and we got some explanations as to why Zera and Gajeel are back... Let me know what you guys think! Link to chapter: http://m.mangahere.co/manga/fairy_tail/v38/c491/

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