Yoongi Imagine- Player Chapter 17

Genre: angst, spy/mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy

You were travelling in one of multiple vans to the headquarters. In your van was Yoongi, Jungkook, Amber, Kai, Krystal and Taeil as well as some others that you didn't really care about too much. Some of which weren't in that meeting with Woozi. Kai and Krystal were almost opposite you and Yoongi and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Then, there was you, with your head rested on Gigi's shoulder. You look up at him and back at them. Was that what you and him were like in other people's eyes? Ew. Taeil was sat in the passenger seat and shouted back at the rest of you. "We're about 5 minutes from the building ok lads..." Then his eyes rested on you, "and ladettes!"

You smiled and bit your lip as he returned to face the front. Admittedly, this Taeil was quite attractive with his glasses even though he was quite a bit older than you. If Yoongi hadn't have been there, you'd have totally replied with a sarcastic comment. Flirting with him seemed like it would be easy. You got up from your seat and held onto the hand grip handing from the ceiling. Yoongi's hand sat on your hip which steadied you. "At least we know the way around this place" Yoongi reassured you. At least his comment made you laugh. The van came to a halt and you all piled out the doors and into the building. A few of the team members were ahead and had already shot down the security cameras and killed the workers in reception.


"How many more?" You asked Yoongi without looking in his direction, "Gigi?" Turning to face him, you noticed how he was patching up Chen. The sound of gun fire almost faded out as you concentrated on Yoongi wrapping a bandage around Chen's right arm. Once it was secure, both men picked up their guns and began to fire again. You joined in and shot rapidly aiming in Dino's direction. Then, thankfully, you heard the last body collapse. Fortunately, only 1 man from your side had been killed. It was merely one of the other workers who you never got to know. You marched over to where they had been stationed and looked over the bodies. You didn't care how many anymore, Dino was dead, that's all that mattered. Nudging him, his body flopped away from you. Lifeless. He was meant to be your friend as well - shows you can hardly trust anyone.

The group continued to walk up the floors taking out as many people as they could. You reached the 8th floor when more gun fire sounded. It came from the room near the end of the hall. Your group proceeded to walk in that direction when a massive explosion came. Blood splattered around where the main gun shots had been heard and a few limbs flew free. A body was thrust towards your group. This time, Taeil stepped forward and examined the body. He motioned and Kai and Krystal entered the room to check for survivors. "I'm sorry!" Taeil started, "it's Namjoon." Virus guy?? Wow... Kai and Krystal came back out the room, "no known survivors." Kai stated. "A couple of bodies were identified as GD, P.O and Seungkwan sir." Damn, someone better keep some kind of body count.

You moved on, you had to, no turning back. Already, some of Woozi's best workers were dead so you decided to ring him to let him know. "what is it?" "Woozi, GD and Namjoon are both dead, as well as-" "Y/N, you're alive right?" "Y-yeah..." "It - it doesn't matter about them right now, they were good workers but you need to focus ok. Phone me when it's all over ok!" With that, he cut off. Weird... Encouraging but he could have shown a bit more emotion. The team were moving up to the 9th floor and the pressure increased. There were about ten times as many men here, mostly because your father's office was just above this. You took shelter behind a wall and fired as often as you could.

A couple more men fell and you advanced to hide in a little booth. Yoongi and Jungkook never left your side. Hoshi, however, was like a walking disaster - almost like Chen. He got shot in the leg and Jiyoon was forced to put a bandage around it. As long as the blood stopped, that's as far as the first aid would go. The shooting eventually stopped, or so you thought. You got up to be shot in the shoulder. Immediately, you fell down and curled up trying to stop the blood flow. Jungkook was first over to see you and he carefully picked out the bullet pieces he could see. Yoongi then got a bandage and secured it around the wound. It stung like hell but you had to carry on, you were going to make it to see your father. No matter how injured you were, you'd see him in pieces of you had to. You were determined to make it up to the next floor.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry that it's a bit later than usual. I've been writing so many other parts to different stories that I got carried away! I don't really even proof read that much anymore! Tagging: @FalseLove@tiffany1922@MaritessSison@catchyacrayon@VIPFreak2NE1@nathalyalamo298@RKA916@BetseyBleau@Alyessiazavala@VatcheeAfandi99@reyestiny93@lopleaf19@EmmaJolie@Orihemay@Juliag13@HopeAndSunshine@MidnightMadness@HayleyEastman@kimnam94@GeniferEskue@SarahHm11@NaimaJeune@XergaB20@jellybeanlov3@NicoleFireRose@KarenHer@PatriciaS@SerenaArthurs@BridgetJara@Saeda1320@SarahVanDorn@kpopandkimchi@juliavip@Izzy987@KendraReeve@RandomName@SusiBosshammer@tazneemhinnawi@minimonkey07@MariaMontoya1@JordanShuler@CamrynCherry@MrsChanyeol

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