Not This Again...Poor Luhan...

I don't know if you guys heard about Luhan and the car chase that happened last for the people who were confused as me the driver made the passengers pay a large amount to follow Luhan and drove around recklessly while alerting other drivers of his whereabouts. Luhan took matters into his own hands as he chased after the taxi by foot...he was rightfully pissed off and was also angry on behalf of the passengers...

Luhan rarely gets angry in front of his fans so for him to completely lose it...what are these people doing??? Those passengers cannot be called fans cause if you truly are his fans you wouldn't want to hurt him...and the driver what was he thinking??? Idols are HUMANS too...To make matters worse an anti edited the video and sent it to various gossip sites saying Luhan is yelling at the fans....however the truth cannot be hidden as the original audio was released (check it out here)

Do you think these fans will ever understand when their love is becoming unhealthy???

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