Sleepy Idols Appreciation

So I saw earlier today I was looking through various cards and saw one that inspired me to make this one. I personally think KIdols yawning is by far one of the cutest things they've done.

My beloved Jaebum trying to be sneaky and hide his yawn...I see you boy xD

SungYeol you can catch flies with that careful haha

What is it with KIdols trying to hide their yawns?! Just let it out haha

For a minute there I thought P.O was sneezing xD

That is one big yawn you've got there Taemin....

And the smallest yawn I've seen other than the ones that hide their yawns

Even their fake yawns are adorable!!

Giriboy + glasses + yawning = one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Now this is my type of me...

So who else yawned while looking at this card? *slowly raises hand* Who's your favorite yawning idols (doesn't have to be in this card)? Night all~ Sweet dreams.💖


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